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Hey! My name is Michelle, A 37 year old Wife, Mum and a pretty awesome photographer. A girls girl through and through. I love all things weddings, constantly falling in love with everything Bridal, from dresses to shoes and even falling For new perfumes each and every-time! I have been a photographer since I first picked up a camera way back in 2007. Turns out I’m quite good at it and have turned my passion into a full time career! I’m now one of those incredibly lucky folk to have a job that I love. I’m super proud to have photographed 400+ weddings, UK and worldwide, even as far as the USA!

Winning photos

The cute cottage and beautiful trees leading down the path at Dodmoor House are the perfect backdrop for some shots on your wedding day. Rachael and Tom having a moment.

95th Collection

The beautiful sunset at Dodmoor House with the stunning Bride and Groom. The drama in the veil I just had to capture!

95th Collection

The charming gardens of Chippenham Park are always manicured to perfection. And I just have to take my couples for a stroll just the two of them. The vibrancy from the red flowers here just sets the photos off perfectly!

94th Collection

Breezy winter weddings mean one thing, close cuddles between couples. Here is Matthew and Jessica snuggling in the frost at their beautiful intimate winter ceremony.

93rd Collection

The wind and cold may have been a pain, but these two did not let it get in their way! Shot at the beautiful Bassmead Manor Barns, this wedding was so much fun!

Ashlie and Harry

91st Collection

It doesn’t get better than the stunning backdrop of Ruston Hall with a gorgeous couple like the Eastons!

I could have shot for hours around the grounds of this beautiful building. Happy to spend time with us to capture these shots too.

89th Collection

It was clear from the start, the order of the day was bad ass, epic fun and a whole lot of laughter. The gorgeous and stylish Annalease and JJ, had the BEST wedding. I want to relive it all with you ahain!

89th Collection

One of the most beautiful things about Sissons Barn is their old and classic tractor you get to ride on! Always a pleasure to head to the river for these golden hour shots.

88th Collection

The wedding of dreams, a classic black tie wedding. I declare I’ll never be over Emma’s stunning dress and veil. We just had to show it off to its full potential!

87th Collection