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Hello, I'm Daniel, a Cambridge based photographer that works all over the UK and Europe, and I bloomin love my job! I also have a rubbish beard, the laugh of an 'evil genius' (not my words), and a massive passion for photographing awesome people having awesome weddings! If you are after fun, vibrant and naturally captured photography, please take a look at my work, and drop me a message. Shabba!

Winning photos

I had noticed that the venue had an outside metal chimney that was lit up internally with led strips, so I asked Ed & Lizzie to stand inside it while I used a prism to create a little light refraction effect, it worked really well and they had a lovely moment.

105th Collection

Ed & Lizzie got married at the wonderful Manor Barn, and I used my phone to create a reflection of the hanging ceiling lights as they left the ceremony, I thought it would help to create a little magical feel to a mid aisle kiss!

105th Collection

Sabrina is an old friend of mine and a fellow photographer, so I was quite nervous about capturing her wedding to Phil up in Manchester, the venue had a wonderful barn full of ceiling lights that I thought would make a great reflected portrait so I used my phone to bounce the reflection back into the photo!

104th Collection

Megan and Dan got married at the ever beautiful Swynford Manor, they were so excited to do the mighty deed and become husband and wife, so we went for a walk in the grounds and I got them to tell each other jokes resulting in this really lovely candid image!

104th Collection

I had the immense pleasure of being asked by fellow photographer Louise to capture her wedding to Paul at the stunning Botley Hill Barn, however the weather was awful all day, but it did make for a really stunning moody evening sky which we made the most of for this nighttime portrait!

104th Collection

The golden hour hit just right as I was wrapping up my portrait session with Megan & Daniel, so their wedding party grabbed some smoke grenades and it made for a really fantastic back-lit scene!

103rd Collection

The moody skies over the stunning Normanton Church was the perfect backdrop for a romantic photograph of Odile & Sam at their Gothic themed wedding.

103rd Collection

The wind came at just the right time for this moment.

102nd Collection

We just caught the end of golden hour and I thought a little bit of drama would lend itself well to the scene.

102nd Collection

We had cloud cover all day so seeing the sun pop out like this was epic!

101st Collection