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Liz Greenhalgh Photography

Addicted to weddings, to smiling, laughing and all the shenanigans that happen during the day

Winning photos

Love an evening photo at The Old Hall Ely.

104th Collection

A little bit of ocf fun inside Holmewood Hall

103rd Collection

Late summer always brings wonderful light and sunsets, particularly over the fields at The Old Hall Ely.

102nd Collection

Always a sucker for a corn field and a Hollywood dip kiss, at Crondon Park Chelmsford.

102nd Collection

The rain poured down earlier so when it cleared and the sun started to set we head out to make the most of the soft evening light at The Old Hall in Ely

101st Collection

After waiting 3 years and 3 postponements to get married, these two were overjoyed

100th Collection

an evening twirl in the setting sun at The Thatch Barn, Yelling

99th Collection

Everyone loves the bridge at South Farm and when the sun sets over the meadow it is the perfect spot for photos

99th Collection

The Pavilion at The Old Hall Ely is iconic for holding ceremonies outside. Danielle and Paul had an indoor ceremony but we got to use the outside location as the sun was setting. I love seeing the reflections in the glass on both sides

98th Collection

As soon as I saw this plant-filled area of the conservatory, I knew I had to use it for a photograph. Harlaxton Manor is filled with so many places we were spoilt for choice

97th Collection

Early Spring can be a tricky time for weather but we were blessed with a bright but chilly day at the beginning of March at Bassmead Manor Barns

96th Collection

One of my favourite photos is getting all the Bridesmaids together

95th Collection

We had been taking photos in the corn field when the wind whipped the veil around the couple. It was a gorgeous moment that we made the most of

92nd Collection

We headed out into a nearby field and the sunlight was just magical coming through the trees. One of my favourite photos of the day

92nd Collection

From this part of the grounds, you get the perfect view of their wedding venue, Holmewood Hall. With a majestic veil and this stunning dress, it is the perfect location to showcase all three.

91st Collection

After not being able to get married outside at The Old Hall Ely because of the rain, this amazing sunset appeared over the views of Ely Cathedral. We knew this would be a beautiful image and it is one of the couples favourites

91st Collection

Late summer as the sun was setting and the sky was turning pink, we headed across the cut fields for some fun and relaxing photos. Alex picked Hannah up and there were lots of giggles

90th Collection

A wonderful evening shot of the fabulous wedding at Hengrave Hall one Summers evening in July. The front of the building made the perfect shot

89th Collection

The final shot of the night was taken in front of the main house, turning around I saw that the fountain was lit up and know the shot that I wanted to take at Exton Hall

89th Collection