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3rd place in Switzerland

72nd place in Italy

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bartels photography

I love to spend time with people.
I find photographing them really exciting. Capturing the emotions in a way that makes you fell like you were there again - that's something I want to achieve with my pictures.

Naturally and authentic.

This is how I want to capture your wedding. No fancy posing, convulsive grins at the camera as if it were stapled in your face.
You should feel good! The pictures should not become a compulsory task that you still have to do.

I want you not only to enjoy the pictures, but also to remember the moment they were taken.

If you look at the pictures in many years, I want you to have a flash back to this day with all his emotions. Laugh again, feel the love of that day again.. and even have a tear or two. Be reminded of the beautiful moments that passed you by in a rush during the day.

Emotional and real.

Winning photos

In Switzerland we have many breath taking sceneries. And this is one of them. Eloping in the mountains, I think is one thing I would do, if I would get married to my hubby again;-)

94th Collection

This shot was taken in October in France..the sea wasn't really warm, but after our couple session, they decided to take a swim..and off they went. I love spontaneous couples!

94th Collection

Originally we wanted to go up the mountain to have their pictures taken. But the next Gondola would have been too late for the sunset shoot. So we decided to look for another spot where we can see the mountains and the lake. And we found one;-)
I wish you both all the best!

93rd Collection