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41st place in Italy

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bartels photography

I love to spend time with people.
I find photographing them really exciting. Capturing the emotions in a way that makes you fell like you were there again - that's something I want to achieve with my pictures.

Naturally and authentic.

This is how I want to capture your wedding. No fancy posing, convulsive grins at the camera as if it were stapled in your face.
You should feel good! The pictures should not become a compulsory task that you still have to do.

I want you not only to enjoy the pictures, but also to remember the moment they were taken.

If you look at the pictures in many years, I want you to have a flash back to this day with all his emotions. Laugh again, feel the love of that day again.. and even have a tear or two. Be reminded of the beautiful moments that passed you by in a rush during the day.

Emotional and real.

Winning photos

On every wedding, I make some time for a sunset shoot. In our latitude it is - unfortunatly - during diner (well at least in the summer). So I ask the couple if they want it and we go out for a few minutes and capture some magic.

106th Collection

Needless to say, that I love sunsets;-)

106th Collection

I love the Swis alps, there are so many places where you can elope and just enjoy eachother ..and the nature ;-)

105th Collection

Also this was a very rainy wedding. But I don't mind the rain and if the couple is open, we just go out there and 'do it'

104th Collection

Finally after the whole day rain, we got a little sunshine to go out and take some awesome pics of these two lovebirds

104th Collection

This was an engagemtn shoot in Flims, Switzerland. I love it, when the trees turn into orange / red. The indian summer in Switzerland;-)

104th Collection

We got this awesome sunset after a day of rain. If even git better and we had the biggest rainbow from one side of the lake of zurich to the other side.

103rd Collection

I love first dances with sparklers. That's all you need for a perfect moment: a couple in love and sparklers.

103rd Collection

Getting ready. I think the getting ready of the groom is as important to capture then the the one of the bride... and I like to capture things with a different view:-)

103rd Collection