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Hey, ich bin Dani, Hochzeitsfotograf aus der Schweiz.
Liebend gerne begleite ich euch an eurem Hochzeitstag und mache diesen Tag zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis. Ich übernehme die komplette Arbeit von A-Z, ihr müsst euch um nichts mehr kümmern was die Bilder betrifft.

Ich halte jede Emotion, jede Träne und das ganze Geschehen in zeitlosen Bildern fest. So real, dass wenn ihr in ein paar Jahren auf eure Hochzeitsfotos schaut, das Gefühl habt ihr hättet erst gerade JA gesagt.

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Getting up early, was it worth it?

Yes and yes… We drove up into the mountains at 8 a.m., it was still quite cold. We warmed up a bit with the short 15 minute walk up to the shooting spot and then saw the sun rise over the mountains. The snow was really nice and fresh and powdery, the trees were white and the light was golden - it was dreamy.

I will be able to photograph Anja and Chrigi at their wedding in 2025 and after this mega shoot with the two of them, I'm looking forward to the wedding even more.

106th Collection

This location was a blast at St. Charles Hall in Meggen near lucerne in Switzerland. And the bride was awesome too. Was such a pleasure to have actually both the groom and the bride in front of my camera. Love zo take images with this kind of windows. It creates this elegance and epic pictures.

105th Collection

One of my favorite weddings. It was in Meiringen near the army airport. I love to have mountains in the background. This photo was taken after sunset and i love it. Awesome couple beautiful cloudy sky and mountains.

105th Collection

This was such an epic wedding shoot at mount pilatus near lucerne (Switzerland). The couple was from Washington and it was a pleasure to shoot with this two 🤍. The weather was Beautiful too with such me clouds. I really like it when it’s cloudy it is somehow more interesting then a boring blue sky ☺️.

105th Collection