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Seattle, Washington

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Seth Cartwright Photography

I live in Seattle, WA and draw heavy inspiration from National Geographic photographers. I also take inspiration from some of the worlds best photographers in creating beautiful and stunning pictures that I envision to be printed and hung on my client's walls and shared for years to come.

Winning photos

I love getting photos that are unexpected and make you say "wow"! Especially when I can look at my own photo and say "wow" myself! Which is exactly what this photo is. I had envisioned this photo in my head weeks beforehand because I knew where the sun would rise and where Mt. Rainier was. But this turned out better than I could have imagined. Because you never know how a photo will really turn out when you have the idea in your head. And I'm just really happy with this. Mt. Rainier hot air balloon wedding on the morning of July 22, 2023!

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