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Photography By Dermot Sullivan

Hello Brides and Grooms!

I am based in County Cork in Ireland and I live next to the Atlantic Ocean. I photograph weddings in Cork and Kerry and I love to use the natural landscape and seascapes in my photographs.

I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years and I know all the best beach and forest locations. I also love to use off camera flash to make unique creative photographs for my couples.

My main aim on a wedding day is for my couple to have a relaxed day with lots of fun and to have a set of beautiful photographs to treasure, that will form the beginning of a historical document for their family.

Winning photos

This photograph was taken at Castlemartyr Hotel in Cork, on a lovely sunny afternoon in March. The location was beautiful and my couple were really great to work with. I positioned them with the sun behind and shot from a slightly raised position on some steps.

101st Collection

This photograph was taken just before Christmas 2022, so we had to get to the location in Co, Cork, Ireland at around 3.30pm in order to catch the light. Normally there are a lot of tourists around but luckily it was clear when we needed it to be.

100th Collection

This is the classic wedding day moment when the brides father sees her in her dress for the first time. For this photograph, I positioned the brides mother and bridesmaids off the the side so that I could get their reactions too.

99th Collection

I shot this photograph at the entrance to Charles Fort in Kinsale, Co.Cork, Ireland. The sun was setting off to my right and the bride and her bridesmaids were celebrating the end of the shoot so that they could get back to the party!!

99th Collection

This was taken at one of my favourite locations in Killarney, Co. Kerry It was a really windy day but we got some shelter by the lake between the trees to get our shot.

97th Collection

This photograph was taken at the Garryvoe hotel in Co.Cork, Ireland. I used an off camera flash with a Mag Sphere to backlight the couple and light the trees

97th Collection

This photograph was taken in the famous corridor at University College Cork and it is a really popular location for wedding photographs as the nearby Honan Chapel can host up to 3 weddings a day. I got my couple to sit close to each other in front of the ornate window and then lean into each other. I shot it just using the available light and I opened up the shadows and darkened some of the highlights at the edges in Lr.

95th Collection

This amazing couple were really into creating great photographs using the seascape of Cork as the background. We went to a clifftop outside the village of Ballycotton and climbed over some obstacles to get to our location. Their wedding was in early December, so the sun was setting around 4pm, which gave us the beautiful light. I shot it without flash or any additional lighting and edited it in Lr.

95th Collection

This photograph was taken in the break between dinner and the first dance. I scouted out the location in the grounds of The Maryborough Hotel in Cork, Ireland and I felt that the two trees would make a good frame for my couple. I had one flash behind them and another one at a lower power in front. after a few test shots, I got the levels right and the photograph was done.

94th Collection

This photograph was taken on a headland overlooking the sea at Inchydoney, in West Cork, Ireland. The couple are pretty sporty and the groom + his party had already been for a swim in the Atlantic earlier that day. We had done some more static shots and then I asked the groom if he could lift his bride up for a more dramatic shot. I went low to capture her against the sky and I added some fill in flash at +3 power so that I could get some detail in the sky.

92nd Collection

This photograph was taken at The Fota Island Resort in Co. Cork Ireland, I love when you have a big wedding party and you can create contrast with the clothing colours with a boy - girl - boy - girl lineup. I found the location with the trees behind the couple which formed a good background, and as I was slightly downhill from them I was able to get a low angle which makes them more powerful in the frame. I directed them to look inwards to the centre while they were walking towards me and luckily, the shot came together.

91st Collection

This photograph was taken in the morning when Joe and Paul were getting ready for their wedding ceremony at Castlemartyr Resort in Co. Cork, Ireland. It may look like a studio shot, but it's a really simple set up, just using the light coming through the net curtain of the bedroom window. I wanted to emphasise that it was a same sex wedding by using the rings and the cuffs and cufflinks on both their shirtsleeves.

89th Collection

This photograph was taken in March 2022, in Kinsale, Co.Cork, Ireland. The mast is situated directly opposite Actons Hotel, where the reception was being held. I had photographed couples at the mast before, but luckily, the Christmas lights were still in place so it added an extra element to the photo.

88th Collection

I spotted the organ loft during the ceremony and thought that it would be a great background for a couple shot. The bride and groom were up for a creative photograph, so I positioned a remote flash behind them and got the brides younger brother to flick the veil and then quickly duck down, It took a couple of tries, but we got the photo!

85th Collection