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I feel like some photographers get to the dance floor and start to coast, but for us, we step on the gas to make sure we capture these amazing moments, traditions, and good times! We feel like as the night progresses the moments just get better and better!

61st Collection

When the ball dropped they went into the new year married and in love! What a perfect way to start 2020 together! Cheers to many more together!

60th Collection

Jump jump jump...jump around! Weather is starting to get a little warmer and a little sunnier so that’s a great think to celebrate along with the fact that these two are getting married!

60th Collection

There’s not too many people walking around the monuments these days but the fact of knowing you have each other during these times is all one needs.

60th Collection

The countdown to 2020 was one for the books for this couple! They got married on NYE and danced the night away with family and friends celebrating their love for each other! What a celebration!

59th Collection

I brought a few smoke bombs with me...well because I had some and never used them before so why not at my engagement session! I wanted to make it fun before the rain starting pouring down and that is exactly what we did! Since it is a halloween wedding weekend we used the orange and green colors to represent!

58th Collection

These 2 are amazing! The rain was on the way but it didn't stop us from exploring the falls! It got a little smokey but it all added to the fun!

57th Collection

After doing our first look outside my clients wanted to warm up a little so right back into the hotel we went and that is when I saw the light coming through on the stairs leading up to the rooms. Added a little pop of flash as they walked up and boom I got a great shot of them before we actually shot the photo I was planning on shooting. So blessed to have couples that trust me in what I do!

56th Collection

I saw these steps lit up when I arrived on location earlier in the day but I knew once the sunset it was my time to shine using my off-camera flash. I set my exposure for the lights on the stairs, posed my couple and just added flash until It was a perfect fit! I was able to take my clients away for no more than 5-10 mins, get them an image they would love indoors (avoiding the winter temps), and spend a few minutes together taking in their big day! I try to do this every wedding day to let my clients breathe a little and not let the moments slip away because sometimes it can be a blur! Congrats guys!

56th Collection

The rain wasn't in the forecast for this destination wedding but when the clouds started to roll in after the ceremony it almost seemed like we were going to get rained out. We stuck it out though and did what any person at their wedding day should do...enjoy the moment and use it to tell the story no matter if it started raining or not everything is going to be amazing and fun as long as you have that attitude to go with it! The clouds wanted to mix but they were almost like oil and balsamic vinegar just staying completely separate showing the difference in clouds and weather all in one shot. It was amazing to capture in real-time and in the end it didn't rain! Lucky us!

56th Collection

Walking to the reception I saw this opening that was on the sand and had direct access to the horizon from the path and boom I knew I needed to shoot there. Obviously not a planned shot but who cares because keeping an open mind on top of your usual workflow can allow you to see things freely with no constraints and no preconceived notions. I am a blank canvas every wedding day because my clients are always unique in their own way individually and together and that for me is important in telling their story in pictures! Ok, we can go back to the warm now. I think we are all sick of this cold weather already!

56th Collection

The groom wanted an epic toss in the air from his groomsmen to celebrate his marriage so what did we do....we threw him in the air! To my astonishment the bride felt left out and wanted to do the same so what did we do...well we threw her in the air at sunset and wow what a shot! I don't think she was ready for it by her arms flailing in the air but she sure had a blast and loved the final photo! What a priceless memory she will never forget!

55th Collection

Last shot of the night and we ended up at National Harbor to finish it off. There are a bunch of cliche shots that are done here but I wanted to think outside the box and use the reflection of the iconic Ferris wheel as my focal point to draw the viewer's eye to my couple. Lucky for me even though it was a long night already the bride and groom gave me free rein to do what I felt like would look best and this is what I came up with! I think it was one of their favorite shots from the day and for me, that means the world!

55th Collection

Working a wedding over by Baltimore Harbor which is home of Under Armor is always bound to get some runners in a shot! This one just ended up trying not to distract me which was nice and also helped my shot which I suspected it would! Thank you to them and congrats to my clients for being so amazing!

55th Collection

The bride was down to climb up to the top of the silo but couldn’t fit her dress through the opening so we went to the next best thing...a wide shot to show the entire landscape! Boom! Crushed it!

54th Collection

When you get to shoot one of your best friend’s weddings and all your friends are in the wedding party...yea you celebrate hard! And by celebrate we mean try to throw the groom as high as possible and make sure he doesn’t land on his head! What a day!

54th Collection

Sky is the limit for these two! What a power couple! They told me they wanted to be on top of the world so we rushed to get there right before the sunset and boom this is the first shot I took! So blessed to be a part of their love story from the start!

53rd Collection

Sometimes people think the clouds aren't good for a photo session but in our case we love the elements because it tells the true story of the day! It was sunny and then the clouds rolled in so it was only fitting to make this photo a little more epic especially with the columns and that kiss!

53rd Collection

The park ranger was nice enough to let us take these final shots of the session before closing up the park. I don't like rushing especially hundreds of feet up in the air on a edge of a cliff but anything for my clients! We nailed this!

53rd Collection

The ring is a circle for a reason. The love you both share should last an eternity and should always come full circle together as one! Every wedding day for me I try to make ring shots epic because of their meaning to the big day...not because of what they cost. That part is irrelevant.

52nd Collection

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