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Daniela & Chris - Liebe rockt

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We are Daniela & Chris, your wedding photographer team for honest photos. With us there is no posing, we want to photograph you as you are. Cuddly, crazy, matter what but you should be yourself on your pictures.

Our way of working only works if the chemistry between us is right. That's why we invite all interested couples to come and meet us in Altdorf for a non-binding meeting. Or of course via Skype if you are not from Switzerland.

We are tattooed and pierced, like rock music and animals. But the most beautiful love ballads are by rock musicians. So you don't have to be afraid of us, we love love and want to have fun with you to get cool and authentic pictures.

08/15 we are certainly not. You can learn more about us on our homepage. Or you can contact us directly for a meeting.

Let love rock you too

Daniela & Chris

Winning photos

During our language stay in San Diego we met Kat & Jacob and did a couple shooting with them at the pier in Pacific Beach.
For us Swiss, the ocean and the beautiful sunsets were simply a highlight.

60th Collection

We are currently in San Diego to study English here. Here we also met Ria and Dong from South Korea. They were the only married couple beside us here at the school. So we asked them if they would like to be in front of our camera. And as you can see Ria is a professional Balerina.

59th Collection