Jon Larson



Dixon, Illinois

🇺🇸 The United States

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2350$ per hour | 6 hours minimum




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2 years

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Jon Larson Photography

I’m a Midwest photographer shooting around the Chicago land area. My career started 12 years ago when I got my first DSLR camera. Never looking back, I have fallen in love with weddings! My passion always shows through as I take my couples on a journey capturing unique perspectives that give a dreamy/Documentary type vibe.
I love to deliver ART. Photos that will inspire feeling and emotion. Each wedding is unique. I treat the photos the same way as I capture every wedding, unique to each couple and tailored to match their personalities but still not losing my style and signature touch through the process.

Winning photos

A very trendy shot for sure! Adding a spin this couple and their bridal party had a perfect moment!

110th Collection

Flirty. I’ll chase you if you chase me. How often do the nerves of the day set it in and the reason gets lost? This couple was exact opposite of what I felt. The groom chasing his bride just after a beautiful carriage ride.

110th Collection

This stunning couple took a romantic ride just off of the venue. With a pond and a road that had some turns a tree over hang I knew this was the spot.

110th Collection

These two love birds enjoyed a romantic vintage sunset. Relaxing in her loves arms they shared a moment that couldn’t be described but captured.

109th Collection

As the storm cleared I was in position for a shot like never before! This couple allowed me to share my vision through a photo and it was amazing!

109th Collection

Just after these two tied the knot… I had a moment to get them on the alter. The Bride had a dress with a lot of movement. I had to use this as these two stared into each others eyes.

108th Collection

The sun was setting fast behind the couple as I and my team stumbled to get into perfect position. The Bride and Groom standing on the steps of the beautiful Post House in historic Dixon IL. I ran across traffic and shot wide to be sure to tell their love story!

108th Collection

William and Marium shared a sweet moment walking under this beautiful golden sunset. The day was cold but these two were on fire! The small chapel where they both said “I do” appears in the background creating a subtle romantic moment for these two.

107th Collection

On a Cold December day. This couple was more than willing to get out in the cold but under a one of a kind sunset!!!

106th Collection

The bride and groom shared a very private moment a top of a hill just as a storm was swallowing up the sunset causing a unique coloring in the sky!

105th Collection

Sun setting quickly into the night. The bride and groom framed perfectly under a single tree over hanging the October cornfields added to this beautiful couple as they embraced in love under the setting sun.

104th Collection

Taking a classic shoot first. I heard a bridesmaid ask the bride can we throw the flowers at the photographer? I yelled up saying “ this would be such a fun shot” and worth it! No flowers were harmed. Always remember to add fun into your wedding day! This bride was all for it!

104th Collection

Finishing in the bridal sweet I had to get this cluster of beauty together! The light was stunning coming through the door too!

104th Collection

The couple was embracing the rain, so, I embraced it with them. I ran and grabbed some bubble umbrellas and let this adorable couple do their own thing.

104th Collection

This couple didn’t hold back! The rain only made them want to even more. So, we did. I had them both hope into a boat paddle into position and captured some romantic rain shots…Notebook feeling for sure.

103rd Collection

“Flick your shoes at me” I yelled. Danielle being pushed by her groom laughed and flicked perfectly!!! Just a pure raw moment filled with love and fun!

103rd Collection

Letting the guest get out and blow bubbles and use their glow wands to create this epic send off.

102nd Collection

Katie and Marty letting the sun go down on them as I played In the vail giving it a toss.

102nd Collection

The way she looked at him. Enough said.

101st Collection

Cannot go wrong with a boat shot. Super romantic with some effort makes an incredible moment.

101st Collection