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Jon Larson Photography

Artist at heart. A photographer who has a passion for capturing unique perspective and personality through my lens. I will never change who you are on wedding day. I will only capture it.

Winning photos

Beautiful sunset over Nachusa Grasslands couldn’t be more fitting for this adorable couple! “Let’s take a little run you two”

95th Collection

The dog and his humans were romantically linked during this sunset session.

95th Collection

Alex and Sarah enjoying some quite time on the bridge out back. The sun was setting like I’ve never seen before! I was able to snatch up the bride and groom and whisk them into a fairytale setting.

92nd Collection

John and Hannah were amazing! Allowing me to finish up their engagement session with a little art! Private property always has its advantages too!

91st Collection

Taking this photo was just as exciting as it looks! Having Marycate and Geoff along with some of their closest family and friends come outside of the tent and line up. Sparklers were then lite and the bride and groom gave a slight run to the middle and the groom did a perfect dip with his new wife Marycate! I had the guest flood in around them and my camera to create this super fun moment!!

90th Collection

Rushing out for the last moments of sun and it setting I had Jamie and Tyler stand in the middle of the lane that comes into the venue “Oak Lane”. Using the last moments of the setting sun and an awesome Assistiant to flip the dress this shot was captured in one take.

90th Collection

After lining up the guest along a rock path just outside the receptions tent. Sparklers were lite and the couple was ready to come walking through the tunnel created by the guest. A surprise dip with a kiss. The on lookers wanting to capture what I was seeing also. A great in the moment and un posed shot.

89th Collection

With a path worn out, I asked Ben and Miranda to go play in the light that was piercing through the trees at the end of this magical area.
Asking the bride and groom to have a moment together….This is what they gave me. It was one of those goosebump moments knowing I had just captured something special!

88th Collection

Carrie and Ian were just floating away from the alter in love! As always following the couple I kept my camera on them while they shared this authentic cute moment just after becoming one.

87th Collection

Tyler and Abby had such a unique reception venue….A Quarry!! How was I going to create something specific and unique for this awesome couple?! The photo speaks for itself as I grabbed these two to create this super cool photo that is specific to only them.

86th Collection

The sky was very ominous looking and the sun was fading fast! Grabbing the newlyweds I was able to create for them under another masterpiece sky. The brides veil was absolutely beautiful and had to be a part of this shot.

85th Collection

This shot took place at the alter just after ceremony. The bride and groom were sharing a moment waiting to do family formals with their dog. I kept focused on the three knowing something special was about to happen.

85th Collection

The Kiss. Vianca and Justin had an absolute breathtaking sunset. The venue “Storybook Gardens” has a small romantic pond on the property where the vision developed. The canoe was hand crafted by the groom himself making this shot even more magical!

84th Collection

Timing was everything for this photo. Sunsets can be very unknowing but on this evening the sunset was in full glory. The groom drove his tractor into place overlooking their farm, as I set up my lighting and called cows closer. The sunset was beginning to produce these absolute amazing colors. Quickly getting couple into the tractor I began capturing the “farmland love”.

83rd Collection

This photo was on the country hillside just before the sunset. Noticing the sky, my team and I along with the couple took a walk into this beautiful scene! Being some distance from the newly married couple they just began expressing their love in many ways as I just captured it. laying low to make sure I was able to compose as much sky as I could.

83rd Collection