Thorsten Koch



Marburg an der Lahn

🇩🇪 Germany

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Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Minimum price/hours

300$ per hour | 6 hours minimum

With us

4 years

Studio Name

TK Pixx Fotografie

Wedding photographer from Germany... Available all over Europe.

Winning photos

I love to create these moments of happiness. There is noting better than pure emotions to capture.

101st Collection

It's all about two souls that found each other. Sometimes you don't need more than these moments that don't need any advice. Just wait, take the picture and capture that feeling.

99th Collection

This was one of the photos between the actual shots. Sometimes you just don't need more. Only a cute couple, love, great weather and a bit of breeze.

99th Collection

This old wooden barn door is something very classical for me, so I dont use it as a background very often.
But I thougt it would fit to this beautiful, down to earth couple.
To give something special to it, i was using a prism.

94th Collection

This wedding was one of the few "big" oder almost normal weddings like they were before Corona.
I saw that nice bridge that belongs the venue and it was clear I want the bride ans groom to be right there and it was one of the first shots from that shoot.

81st Collection

I love doing engagement shoots. This nice couple I met in an city nearby and we walked around, talked and did some shooting. Most of the time the best photos are done in the middle of the shoot or a bit later when the couple becomes familiar with the camera. But this one was one of the first photos taken that day and I really love it.

76th Collection

This photo was taken on the first wedding this year. After the ceremony there was almost half an hour to cheer with family and friends before it startet raining with no end so we decided to do an after wedding shoot zwo weeks later. Best decision for that this photo was taken on a green plant wall in front of a middle age castle and no became wet ;-)

75th Collection

Sometimes the best moments are in between two shots. Here the bridesmaids made some fun behind me. Always good to have them nearby.

68th Collection

This award is very special to me because this was the first wedding this year that almost took place the way it was planned. We found this great wide area and I love cloudy skies... so we took this photo.

65th Collection

It was cloudy and a bit windy as you can see. Then there was this spot in the fields near the bridal pairs home with this nice horizon line. So it wasn't hard to decide to picture this. I just love the slightly dramatic sky.

62nd Collection

As I went into this church for the first time, I knew that this was the perfect spot to capture the kiss.
The organ in this actually small church is such a highlight that I didn't want to cut it somehow.
Also, there is no aisle in the middle that I often like to shoot from, so I went for this place in the gallery.

61st Collection