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I got my passion for photography when I started second shooting weddings with my Dad. As much as I hate to admit it, he probably helped fuel this passion!

We both own and run Fountain Photography together. We love what we do and always have a good laugh. He's recently relinquished the title of 'best photographer', although he doesn't like to admit it!

When I am not shooting weddings, I love to keep fit, I'm a bit of a gym rat. If I'm not doing that, I'm most likely gaming! You could say this is my second passion!

Winning photos

You may think that a grey, cold winter wedding at Bassmead Manor Barns would mean no drama, or a wow shot for the couples album, but days like these just make us think outside the box.
Wait for the light to drop, bring out the mobile lights and you can work wonders with a grey sky 🙏🏼

95th Collection

The is one of the main features at Bassmead Manor Barns, and every bride & groom requests a shot on the bridge!
We see the same shot week in week out, the same angle, nothing new.
We had an idea to create something different for Lauren & Dan, and with the use of four carefully placed lights, two smoke grenades and some helpful groomsmen, we created something unique!

94th Collection

Capturing a couple in love is a dream job for us, in fact it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle choice and privilege.

Alex and Chris had the most beautiful golden hour light to finish off their wedding at Brasteds near Norwich. It had been an awesome day, and when we sent them for a quite walk together, we new the magic would happen when the sun hit them ????

93rd Collection

Rhian and Matt tied the knot at The Old Hall and we laughed from start to finish, an awesome day with an awesome couple.

The Old Hall is a wedding venue with so many great photo opportunities, we are simply spoiled for choice. We selected some natural wild flower areas for their evening shoot, and once we’d set the couple up in the right light, we simply let the love and laughter flow, a photographers dream.

93rd Collection

We had some beautifully soft early evening light when we took Lauren & Dan for a walk around Bassmead Manor Barns’ freshly cut wheat fields.

Lauren’s dress caught the light perfectly, as the couple enjoyed a romantic moment together.

92nd Collection

Nicole and Ollies wedding at Chippenham Park was an awesome day, packed full of amazing photographic opportunities. While we were waiting for a sunset when I spotted this area off trees, which I knew would give a perfect silhouette with a natural vignette.

91st Collection

Blackthorpe Manor Barns is a typical Suffolk country wedding venue, packed with so many natural features, a real dream opportunity for the artistic wedding photographer.
Chloe and Jack were desperate for a shot to end their wedding album, but the venue is surrounded by woodland so a sunset shot out of the question. I decided to use the woods to create the wow shot the couple wanted, and with some carfully placed lighting and coloured gels, I got this little stunner.

91st Collection

When Lauren and Dan told us they were having a very special guest at their Bassmead Manor Barns wedding, we didn't expect it to be their adorable pooch Pepper.
Pepper soon became the star of the show and a real model in front of the camera, and who said 'don't work with animal and chlidren'

90th Collection

Sometimes it’s all about the light, the love and being bare foot and in your man’s arms ❤️
Sarah & Craig we’re a dream to shoot at The Old Hall, Ely

89th Collection

There are some awesome locations and photo opportunities within Hengrave Hall and we couldn’t resist capturing Rachael in here stunning wedding dress in this magnificent window.

89th Collection

We love the few minutes we get with a bride and groom when we can send them off for a walk, and tell them to spend a few precious moments together. That few minutes is always magical for us ❤️

88th Collection

Another stunning sunset over Ely, and with a bride and groom as in love as this pair, who wouldn’t have whisked them off to get this perfect veil shot

87th Collection

With a storm raging over Newmarket, and the sun coming out in Ely, our bride and groom were blessed with some amazing weather, and this awesome opportunity for us to get this shot at The Old Hall Ely

86th Collection

A short break from the rain and wind for the bride and groom during storm Eunice at Bassmead Manor Barns.
It had been heavy rain for days, but this bride and groom braved the elements to capture this stormy sky, what another great way to remember their day.

83rd Collection

Sometimes a little smoke and some well placed lighting is all that's needed when there isn't much of a sunset!
Becca & Mark - Swynford Manor

78th Collection

While going for a walk with the couple around their venue we found this bridge with the perfect little light patch right in the center. With it being a wet and miserable day I couldn't miss passing up the opportunity to take some lovely shots in this location.

67th Collection

Believe it or not, this shot was taken in a walk-in the wardrobe at The Old Bridge Hotel and Wine Shop! Sometimes the best light can be in the places you least expect

62nd Collection

A fun shot with our bride and her bridesmaids seeing her in the dress for the first time. This shot always gets a great reaction!

59th Collection