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Proud Northerner and Boltonian. I live with my wife Laura, son Reuben and our little cat Tiger in our cosy home in Bromley Cross.I am a relaxed, chilled yet outgoing individual, which I feel has helped define my style for me. For the majority of the day myself and my second photographer will work in a very documentary style floating around, blending in and just capturing moments as they happen to keep everyone at ease. We will mingle and interact with friends and family which keeps everyone at ease. Be warned: we do get quite close just so when you look back over your images you get the feeling of being in the moment again. I haven’t been told off for it yet!

Winning photos

This was taken at the venue where I got married. I could see the sunset going and just had this idea for a full silhouette!

103rd Collection

An elopement image from the lakes.

101st Collection

Taken at Styal Loge this is a reflection through a window i spotted while looking for something different.

97th Collection

Taken at the Coppermines in Coniston it had rained all day but that didnt stop us from creating something beautiful bur simple too. Just a single speedlight behind the couple to illuminate them in the rain

92nd Collection

Just after the rain at samlesbury hall we stepped out to get this photo. I had the idea to try and combine natural light with flash and this was the result

91st Collection

A spring wedding amongst the daffodils for Hannah and Tom at one of the most beautiful yet haunted venues in britain, Samlesbury Hall

85th Collection

I love this image. Elly and Bren were all about doing their wedding the way they wanted which meant holding a ceremony in the middle of the park with all their friends and family with a bubble send off instead of confetti!

84th Collection

Taken on from a jetty while the bride and groom took the boat out on the lake at Wyresdale Park. I really love this shot as it took the bride some convincing to get into the boat but it was totally worth it

82nd Collection

Laura and Stu in the gardens at Styal Lodge during their wedding day. I loved the contrast of the clean sky and the greenery which helped with the composition

80th Collection

Last shot of the evening taken at Eaves Hall. I absolutely love this venue especially the scope for shots like this in an evening.

78th Collection

Taken at The Wellbeing Farm I wanted to do something a little different to end the day for Scott and Caz so I found a little archway covered in bulbs and got creative with some lighting!

52nd Collection

I love a great confetti shot and this is just that! The smiles, laughter, and face full of confetti! Taken at Mitton Hall in Lancashire on such a brilliant wedding day for Tom and Becks.

47th Collection

This was the last shot of the night. The bride and groom were insistent we head out in the rain for this shot. I absolutely love it when my couples don't care about the weather and trust me to create something pretty cool!

47th Collection

Taken as the last shot at the wedding of Amy and Oona.

I spotted this amazing treeline and had the idea to backlight and create this magical shot

41st Collection

It was New Years Eve and it was cold and wet but Becca and Jonny were quite happy to get out and create something different. Becca wanted to show off the veil so we thought a veil toss silhouette would be perfect.

Shot at Pryoys Hayes Golf Club and Wedding Venue in Cheshire

35th Collection

Taken late on the evening of the wedding the couple wanted a little time to themselves before the first dance so we went out to create this image. Just something simple yet colourful and slightly magical.

One of my favourites from last year without a doubt!

25th Collection