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Hi! I’m Ray from RT Focus Photography based in Norwich, England!
A photographer working across the beautiful Norfolk, I have a passion for relaxed, documentary-style wedding photography and focused to capture your day as your story unfolds and provide a collection of creative fine art images!

Winning photos

Capturing the magic of a wedding day at the breathtaking Worstead Estate in North Norfolk UK. The bridge over the river provided the perfect backdrop for this enchanting, natural image.

103rd Collection

Grateful for this unforgettable moment captured with Paul and his groomsmen. Thanks to their trust, I didn't become a human cushion! 😅

103rd Collection

When Aria unveiled her stunning, sparkling bridesmaid dress, the reactions were priceless!

101st Collection

The final romantic couple shot of the evening just as the sun begins to set.

100th Collection

This beautiful couple chose a truly unique ceremony venue—a church with no roof!

99th Collection

This was one of the last images from Sarah & Pax's chillax wedding, the day has been beautiful throughout and to finish off, I just had to grab this shot before the sun sets.

89th Collection

This wonderful couple of Sarah & Pax took there time for the photos. I loved the way the moved and looked at each other so I'd asked if she can do a twirl for this image between the trees.

89th Collection

One of my favourite go to spots in Norwich, UK. When our couple wanted to capture something that represents Norwich City, what can be better than the Norwich Cathedral and the Jarrold Bridge!

88th Collection

This awesome couple got married in the amazing St John's Cathedral in Norwich. The whole wedding including ceremony and reception took place on the grounds of the venue. I had to grab them out after the wedding breakfast before it was too dark, The Cathedral was lit by the sunset and I lighted the couple with the AD200 to create this shot.

87th Collection