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Honolulu, Hawaii

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Shannon Sasaki Photography

I am a born/raised Oahu wedding photographer and I absolutely love it. I even love the stress that comes with it. Overall it's such a happy day and love is such a beautiful thing to capture. The thing I love most about this job is the connections I make with different people. I have made some really great friends through photography and I look forward to making many more. I love that with photography you never stop learning. I hated school but when it comes to photography and my business, I want to learn everything possible. I'm just madly in love with what I do and I can't imagine doing anything else.

Winning photos

Hopped over to another island for this one... Kauai! Had a fun engagement session the day before the wedding at this unbelievable cliffside. I directed them via cell phone and told them to have me on speaker so I wouldn't have to yell from the other cliff. Got lucky with that monster wave hitting at the right moment. <3

84th Collection

I wanted to do a different perspective to the classic wedding bouquet ring shot you typically see. The ring shot is one of my all time favorite wedding details to shoot and feel should always be beautifully featured since it holds so much meaning.

63rd Collection

When you jokingly ask a couple if they're down for some "Dirty Dancing" action and they totally NAIL IT!!!! Sherry + Shaun showing off some epic moves!!

38th Collection

This couple promised their love to one another on a stunning cliffside on Oahu. Kissing in front of a golden sunset with the waves crashing right next to her, it was this bride's dream come true.

29th Collection

Aaron + Summer met on the reality show titled "Love in the Wild" hosted by Jenny McCarthy. When they emailed me, they had 2 requests... a photo shoot and an adventure... music to my ears!! ;)

22nd Collection