Wedding photographers in Netherlands

  • 45 images selected 45 Marnix De Stigter Rotterdam (Netherlands) Also serving: United States Full time Dutch-American wedding photographer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I combine documentary styled wedding photography with creative out-of-the-box posed images. Couples book me because they want their wedding photographed beautifully in the way it actually was, but at the same time also want a few of those images that really stand out due to their creativity. Marnix de Stigter
    from 250$ for 6 hours of work
    Wedding photographer Marnix De Stigter (Marnix). Photo of 29 October
  • 31 images selected 31 Dwayne Maikel Zwolle (Netherlands) DM Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Dwayne Maikel (DMFotografie). Photo of 04 March
  • 29 images selected 29 Carolina Mosquera Brugge (Belgium) Also serving: Amsterdam (Netherlands) Based in Bruges, Belgium. And serving all over the world. Lux Visual Storytellers
    Wedding photographer Carolina Mosquera (luxgraphy). Photo of 25 March
  • 26 images selected 26 Daan Fortuin Rotterdam (Netherlands) Also serving: Antwerpen (Belgium) My Name is Daan and I'm a wedding photographer. I love doing this! I enjoy working with people and especially on a wedding day, love, fun and all spontaneous and unexpected sometimes crazy moments. I am honored to be able to photograph that in my own creative and respectful way. My goal is always to go beyond expectations. And never stop learning ! Daan Fortuin fotografie
    Wedding photographer Daan Fortuin (Fortuinfotografie1). Photo of 04 July
  • 26 images selected 26 Albert Weterings Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands) Also serving: Breda (Netherlands) Dutch husband and wife team. All we love to do is to capture true love, catch that special moment and blending our two styles into something very special. Capturing the moments is what its all about. Vrouwenhof Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Albert Weterings (Vrouwenhof). Photo of 04 August
  • 25 images selected 25 Tom Tomeij Rotterdam (Netherlands) Also serving: The Hague (Netherlands) My name is Tom Tomeij, I am a passionated wedding photographer from the Netherlands. Telling stories through my photographs and showing real emotions from life is my goal. I love music, formule 1 and spending time with my family and friends. I love to help others in general and it's will give my last energy to do so. It would be an honour to put my positive energy into your weddingday! Tom Tomeij Photography
    from 200$ for 8 hours of work
    Wedding photographer Tom Tomeij (tom.tomeij). Photo of 04 March
  • 21 images selected 21 Simon Meindertsma Tiel (Netherlands)
    Wedding photographer Simon Meindertsma (photos4ever). Photo of 26 October
  • 16 images selected 16 Marlies Dekker Rotterdam (Netherlands) Passion is the keyword... i want to feel the emotion in the pictures of your day. Catching the moments. Getting almost under your skin without noticing i was there... (well ok maybe not on the relax and loose, funny moments we share when we are having fun during the photoshoot ;) My professional way of working in combination with my personality will give you beside excellent pictures a relaxed and lovely experience on your weddingday. Storytelling pictures of photo-journalism with editorial style portraiture in beautiful landscapes to create unique wedding memories. Marlies Dekker Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Marlies Dekker (marliesdekkerfotografie). Photo of 12 August
  • 16 images selected 16 Karen Velleman Groningen (Netherlands) Ik geniet van foto's met een verhaal, een mooi moment. Niet te perfect, geen poespas en met een bult liefde. Dat soort foto's maak ik. Ik fotografeer zowel op lifestyle als documentaire wijze. Dat wil zeggen, dat ik naast het vastleggen van momenten op een eerlijke en artistieke manier ook gek ben op het vastleggen van echte momenten. Ik ben een fotograaf voor de mens die van de mens houd en voor de dierenliefhebbers. Ik fotografeer met een knipoog, een beetje kunstig met niet teveel poespas, een bult liefde en nabijheid. Ik hou van 'randomness' je weet wel van die dingen die gewoon gebeuren. Niet te donker, niet te licht en gewoon, mooi, zoals het is. Ik fotografeer gewoon mensen die mensen zijn, zoals ze zelf zijn. Luidruchtig, stil, wild, verlegen, avontuurlijk en gereserveerd. KVFOTO
    Wedding photographer Karen Velleman (kvfoto). Photo of 02 June
  • 12 images selected 12 Laura De Kwant Rotterdam (Netherlands) Also serving: Oranjestad (Aruba) Photographer based in Holland and on Aruba & in love with destination weddings! Laura de Kwant Photography
    Wedding photographer Laura De Kwant (LdKPhotography). Photo of 13 August
  • 12 images selected 12 Petra Bravenboer Rotterdam (Netherlands) Fotografia
    Wedding photographer Petra Bravenboer (FotografiaPB). Photo of 04 March
  • 12 images selected 12 Arjan Barendregt Rotterdam (Netherlands) Also serving: Brussels (Belgium) Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. And serving all over the world. Once I saw following quote; "I am not a wedding photographer, but a photographer who capture weddings." And I really agree this... Capturing a wedding couple and their guests just the way they are and their whole day as it is, that's want I want to do! Arjan Barendregt Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Arjan  Barendregt (abarendregt). Photo of 28 August
  • 11 images selected 11 Ivar Janssen Amsterdam (Netherlands) Also serving: Venlo (Netherlands) Hi I’m Ivar Janssen, I specialise in a blend of relaxed and creative portraits and a documentary approach to capturing weddings. Fotografie Ivar
    Wedding photographer Ivar Janssen (IvarJanssen). Photo of 28 April
  • 11 images selected 11 Karin Heinen Amersfoort (Netherlands) Also serving: Ireland KayPhoto4u Personal Art Wedding Photography is based in The Netherlands. Established in the mid-'00s by Karin Heinen it has ever since developed a well-appreciated name in the wedding biz. A team of 4 professionals with a drive to create an alternative view on traditional standards. Their motto 'Personal Art Wedding' stands for a rare & unique approach that frees this team of being held back to one particular photographic style. With every new assignment a personalized approach to the marrying couple is developed, taking their wishes and making them come true in handmade photographic digital filters that do not only fit the 'story of the day', but even the very chapters of the wedding day. Every story gets a tangible result such as an album, high-quality prints, a unique photo box and/or outstanding wall decorations. Kayphoto4u Personal Art
    Wedding photographer Karin Heinen (KayPhoto4u). Photo of 14 September
  • 10 images selected 10 Karin Keesmaat Amsterdam (Netherlands) Also serving: Apeldoorn (Netherlands) Kijk-Kunst or Look-Art is my elaborate dream and my passion is photography with a different 'look'. My name is Karin Keesmaat and with my eyes I make special images of people. When shooting, I'll take you desire from a different perspective in view. Equipped with beautiful lighting, a special setting and after the shoot i put in my especially creativity. Photographing requires a special "connection" between people. And that's what fascinates me so. As a photographer I like to connect with the persons and create a special confidence. It's like a kind of chemistry which arises spontaneously and special images. Kijk-Kunst Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Karin Keesmaat (Kijkkunst). Photo of 05 November
  • 9 images selected 9 Patricia Bollen Spijkenisse (Netherlands) Altijd op zoek naar de juiste klik! Patricia Bollen Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Patricia Bollen (PatriciaBollen). Photo of 30 November
  • 9 images selected 9 Yvonne Ten Bruggencate Heiloo (Netherlands) I am a Dutch lady, still feeling young and I love being creative. All my life I want to create! My 3 daughters are my best and favorite project, for sure! Right after that is photography, which I can not live without. So grateful to be able to capture all the love and beauty in the world. What is most interesting to me is how to capture that, what's connecting us. I photograph love in all different ways. The Best of Me Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Yvonne Ten Bruggencate (yvonne-ten-bruggencate870). Photo of 27 February
  • 9 images selected 9 Oliver Verheij Gendringen (Netherlands) Also serving: Germany Weddingpics
    from 150$ for 6 hours of work
    Wedding photographer Oliver Verheij (oliververheij). Photo of 31 May
  • 9 images selected 9 Mariska Honing Amsterdam (Netherlands) Het Fotohuisje
    Wedding photographer Mariska Honing (mariskahoning). Photo of 05 August
  • 7 images selected 7 Loes Krekels Venray (Netherlands) Let's be honest, there are so many beautiful, incredible photographers out there. Many of them are people I've been privileged to call friends. We all have our own unique style and creative vision that we uniquely bring to this world. Art is a personal thing that touches everyone differently. Here's what i'm all about: Getting to know you as friends not just a client, a job, or a paycheck. I LOVE getting to see my clients as friends, because when the wedding day comes i get to CELEBRATE WITH YOU! I am adventures, fearless, and love working with couples who share this adventurous spirit and desire to create something breathtaking that will last a lifetime. Your wedding is YOUR story. Its beautiful, its messy, its totally unique. I'm wild about capturing every part of it. Love by Loes
    Wedding photographer Loes Krekels (lovebyloes). Photo of 28 April
  • 6 images selected 6 Daniëlle Kila - van Koesveld Zwijndrecht (Netherlands) Just me..... fun, relaxed, let you be you so I can be me. Kila Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Daniëlle Kila - van Koesveld (Kila). Photo of 17 September
  • 6 images selected 6 Gerbert Voortman Almelo (Netherlands) Also serving: Enschede (Netherlands) Hi! I am Gerbert Voortman from the Netherlands. what a very grateful and creative profession we have! I try to create ultimate photos by looking and thinking creatively. Angles and reflections that have never been photographed before. How nice to be part of Wedisson, I am happy to be inspired by your amazing artworks! Bye! Gerbert Voortman Weddingpix
    Wedding photographer Gerbert Voortman (gerbert-voortman654). Photo of 30 July
  • 6 images selected 6 Bob Baeyens Antwerpen (Belgium) Also serving: Amsterdam (Netherlands) Coming from a creative family I started drawing at a very early age. Now I freeze unique moments with my camera instead of a pencil. What I love most as a wedding photographer, is to be able to capture all these emotions and moments during a wedding day. A smile, a kiss, a tear...all these little things makes me feel very privileged to be there and create all these images that will last forever. I love meeting all these new couples, there families and friends and the interactions between them. No wedding day is the same! Bob Baeyens Photography
    Wedding photographer Bob Baeyens (bobbaeyensphotography). Photo of 29 February
  • 5 images selected 5 Bas Hermsen Huizen (Netherlands) Bas Hermsen Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Bas Hermsen (bas-hermsen622). Photo of 29 October
  • 4 images selected 4 Maaike Ten Brinke Zwolle (Netherlands) Ik ben Maaike ten Brinke, 38 jaar, moeder van 2 mooie kinderen, dochter Lima en zoon Lion, getrouwd met Marcel, re-integratie adviseur, sociaal, lief, perfectionist, en creatief. Ik word blij van mijn kids, mijn man, vastleggen van bijzondere momenten met emotie en liefde, de twinkeling in iemands ogen. Ik ben dol op chocolade, ik kan geraakt worden door muziek en houd van humor. Fotograferen is mijn passie. Mooie foto's maken van mensen (groot en klein). Zowel persoonlijk, als ook voor anderen. Een plaatje met een emotie vastleggen. Mooie momenten vangen en een verhaal vertellen. Liefde vastleggen. Momenten op pauze zetten om er nog lang van na te genieten. Maaike
    Wedding photographer Maaike Ten Brinke (Gold01). Photo of 09 February
  • 4 images selected 4 Henk Hulshof Nijmegen (Netherlands) I love to shoot loving people! Henk Hulshof fotografie
    Wedding photographer Henk Hulshof (henk-hulshof360). Photo of 04 February
  • 4 images selected 4 Ilona Van ingen Enschede (Netherlands) I'm Ilona van Ingen from IKfotografie. I photograph weddings together with Rene Katier. Besides my fulltime job as a social worker in Enschede, I started photographing as it is my passion. I enjoy being able to capture pure emotions and see that as a challenge. I am a perfectionist and have an eye for detail. You can't describe it exactly, but an image says more than a 1000 words and that's priceless". IK fotografie
    Wedding photographer Ilona Van ingen  (ilona-van-ingen-944). Photo of 27 February
  • 4 images selected 4 Marieke Zelisse Delft (Netherlands) Marieke Zelisse Photography
    Wedding photographer Marieke Zelisse (marieke-zelisse337). Photo of 31 March
  • 3 images selected 3 Kim Klunder Zwolle (Netherlands) Motion Weddings
    from 150$ for 8 hours of work
    Wedding photographer Kim Klunder (alkklunder). Photo of 01 March
  • 3 images selected 3 Sanne Van Pinxten 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) Dutch photographer, 33 years old and proud mother of 3 boys. Passioned photographer and a love for light and love. I try to capture the moment en emotions. Crazy about details en people. Long terms goals are a destination wedding . Sanne van Pinxten Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Sanne Van Pinxten (sannevanpinxtenfotografie). Photo of 14 July