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It is always an exciting moment, whether it goes well or not ;)

110th Collection

Every bridal couple should take a moment to reflect on the wedding together with an evening sun!

110th Collection

After dinner a few minutes together.

109th Collection

After dinner a few minutes dancing in the sun for the perfect golden hour.

109th Collection

Dancing bride with her daughter’s at a surprise wedding!

108th Collection

Lovebirds on the most beautiful road in the area in "Drie" Ermelo.

107th Collection

Loveshoot for the church where they got married.

107th Collection

Bride with her mini preparing for the big day.

106th Collection

A Dutch wedding in September with 32 degrees. The photoshoot in the middle of the day, playing with the sun in the shade!

106th Collection

Group photos can be a lot of fun.

104th Collection

At the most magical places in Mallorca.

104th Collection

Look the grandma in the background, so adorable!

103rd Collection

Dancing with love.

102nd Collection

After a whole day of rain, finally wedding photos outside in the woods after dinner. Location Schovenhorst Estate

101st Collection

A wonderful sunset shoot, a moment of the two of them at Staverden Estate

101st Collection