Leonore Bakker




🇳🇱 Netherlands

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195$ for 6 hours of work





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56th place in Netherlands

With us

2 months

Capturing love and joy,
Specializing in creating timeless memories for couples on their big day. Let me be a part of your love story and let's create magic together. Book your wedding shoot now and let's make your special day last forever.

Winning photos

Ivan & Shirley walking out of the church after a very beautiful ceremony

101st Collection

Getting dressed by her big sister for the ceremony of their mother

101st Collection

Femke & Arjan very happy after the ceremony

101st Collection

After the beautiful wedding ceremony, the bride and groom couldn't hold back their excitement and overwhelming love for each other. So much love for Femke and Arjan. Such a beautiful couple

100th Collection

A Mother's Love… Just moments before exchanging vows, our beautiful bride steals a heartwarming kiss from her little princess

100th Collection