Wedding photographers in Belgium

  • 91 images selected 91 Carolina Mosquera Brugge (Belgium) Also serving: Amsterdam (Netherlands) Hi, I'm Carolina Mosquera, Located in the beautiful romantic city of Bruges i fell in love with photography. So i decided to open a photography studio which is called Lux Visual Storytellers, that is serving all over the world... My photos are taken in a spontaneous way, i love to visualise the connection between the couple in a beautiful and honest way. We also love the little details that make the day, rings / flowers / table setting / snacks and drinks… And of course we should not forget the uncles who take a nap on the sofa, or the kids who make a celebration funny, love them! Lux Visual Storytellers
    Wedding photographer Carolina Mosquera (luxgraphy). Photo of 25 March
  • 40 images selected 40 Raïs De Weirdt Gent (Belgium) Also serving: Brussels (Belgium) CAPTURING PRICELESS MOMENTS & MEMORIES Our philosophy is that you matter - in every way possible. What matters the most to you - your children, your family, your wedding is what gets captured by the image and is what will stay behind over the years. Not any photo opportunity will ever be the same, and no moment ever comes back. So over time, we want you to look back at these pictures that matter so much to you, and will have made sure they are the best memory you could possibly get. Matters Photography
    Wedding photographer Raïs De Weirdt (widloma). Photo of 27 April
  • 11 images selected 11 Dimitri Meyns Torhout (Belgium) Meyns fotografie
    Wedding photographer Dimitri Meyns (dimitri-meyns78). Photo of 04 June
  • 7 images selected 7 Pino Romeo Namur (Belgium) A Fine Art inspired and personnal photography for your wedding. Pino Romeo
    Wedding photographer Pino Romeo (pino-romeo740). Photo of 25 November
  • 2 images selected 2 Evelien Geerinckx Tessenderlo (Belgium) Evelien Geerinckx Photography
    Wedding photographer Evelien Geerinckx ( Photo of 24 May
  • 1 images selected 1 Jeroen Gunst Roeselare (Belgium) Ik ben Jeroen Gunst, al van kleins af gepassioneerd door fotografie. Het is altijd mijn droom geweest om van mijn hobby mijn beroep te kunnen maken. Als hoofdberoep fotografeer ik vastgoed & interieur. In het weekend kan ik mijn creativiteit kwijt als huwelijks- en gezinsfotograaf. Ik vind het belangrijk dat mensen zich op hun gemak voelen. ​ Lens A Lot
    from 135$ for 3 hours of work
    Wedding photographer Jeroen Gunst (jeroengunst). Photo of 17 May
  • Inneke Blockeel Torhout (Belgium) Zilt Shot
    Wedding photographer Inneke Blockeel (inneke-blockeel383). Photo of 05 July
  • Fabienne Naessens Deinze (Belgium) BE YOU BE BIENNE Fotografie Bienne
    Wedding photographer Fabienne Naessens (fabienne-naessens203). Photo of 15 March
  • 16 images selected 16 Arjan Barendregt Rotterdam (Netherlands) Also serving: Brussels (Belgium) Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. And serving all over the world. Once I saw following quote; "I am not a wedding photographer, but a photographer who capture weddings." And I really agree this... Capturing a wedding couple and their guests just the way they are and their whole day as it is, that's want I want to do! Arjan Barendregt Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Arjan  Barendregt (abarendregt). Photo of 22 August
  • 3 images selected 3 Danae Willeme Heerlen (Netherlands) Also serving: Belgium Fotostudio DARI
    Wedding photographer Danae Willeme (FotoDari). Photo of 17 February