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My main aim is to put couples at ease and help them to work out the approach they want for their wedding photography. Whether they want a natural/candid approach, or want to get a bit more creative, we work together to tailor this to each couple's style (no-one should tell you what to have on your wedding day).

I am based in Biggleswade, but I cover London, all of the UK and beyond.

Winning photos

Sarah & Jo got married at the Beautiful Shuttleworth house, we had to capture some portraits of them in their Jaguar wedding car enjoying their day, which they did till the very end. Congratulations Sarah & Jo.

88th Collection

Jess & Tom loving every moment of their fun packed wedding day at Shortmead House in Biggleswade, bedfordshire. Had to get a shot of them on their Landrover wedding car ! Congratulations Jess & Tom.

87th Collection

Jessica looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful wedding dress at Longstow Hall in Cambridgeshire. One of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen!

86th Collection

Katy & Andy at Bassmead manor barn as the sun is setting.

85th Collection

Katy & Andy had all the seasons on their wedding day, snow, wind, rain and sun. All that made for the most perfect sunset! I love it when you get a stunning sunset to finish off an amazing wedding day for a lovely couple.

Bassmead Manor Barn - Cambridgeshire

85th Collection

Louise & James, Scotland, UK. Their Gothic styled wedding last month at Law Castle was so beautiful. We had to take a moment on the beach that was close to the Castle. It was stunning. Congratulations Louise & James what a day.

84th Collection

A shot from Charlie & Paul’s wedding at Shuttleworth in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.
We took a walk down the beautiful Swiss Gardens to give them a moment alone after they got married, and had to take advantage of this pretty bridge that is right at the center ???? I love this location, it looks like something out of a painting....

83rd Collection

A shot of Alice & Charlie just after they got married at the historic Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich, London.

This beautiful setting is right on London's River Thames, it was a cold winter's day but that didn't stop us from popping out to make the most of this amazing location. Congratulation Alice & Charlie wish you all the best!.....

82nd Collection

Milly & Sam's bridesmaids traveling in style to their wedding ceremony on the famous Godwick Hall wedding tractor in Norfolk, England. Everyone loves this part of the day at Godwick, and it makes a fantastic shot !!

80th Collection

When the groom only asks for one picture on his wedding day that includes an imperial walker from Star Wars then you must oblige. We had a lot of fun creating this image at Kathryn & Ryans wedding at Anstey Hall in Cambridgeshire, with them and their bridal party.

79th Collection

One of the last shots of the evening just before Anstey Hall closes its doors for the final time, so we decided to make it as romantic as possible. Congraulations Kathryn & Ryan's what a beautiful day so happy for you both.

78th Collection

Kathryn & Ryan's amazing wedding will go down in history as the last ever wedding held at the beautiful Anstey Hall in Cambridgeshire, and boy did they go out with a bang ! It was amazing from start to finish.

78th Collection

I am not sure I have ever had so much fun at a wedding as I did with Jessica & Sam, fun packed from start to finish and I love this shot of Sam and his Groomsmen giving it their all !

76th Collection

A Shot from Jessica & Sam's wedding in the Polytunnel at the beautiful Flaxbourne Gardens, this time of year it is covered in Wisteria and looks absolutely enchanting so we had to pop in for a shot.

76th Collection

This is a shot from Michelle & Ashley’s amazing wedding at Shuttleworth House in Bedfordshire. We just caught the golden hour as a big storm was rolling in at the same time creating the most amazing sky. A beautiful end to a perfect day.

75th Collection

I think this is one of my favourite confetti shots ever. It is from lovely Cara & Jack's beautiful June wedding day in Surrey, England.

75th Collection

A shot of Lucy & Phil on the stairs at the beautiful Shuttleworth House in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. I love the light in this part of the house in the afternoon it is perfect.

74th Collection