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My main aim is to put couples at ease and help them to work out the approach they want for their wedding photography. Whether they want a natural/candid approach, or want to get a bit more creative, we work together to tailor this to each couple's style (no-one should tell you what to have on your wedding day).

I am based in Biggleswade, but I cover London, all of the UK and beyond.

Winning photos

Katy & Matt's London Christmas Wedding was just amazing, and everyone loves a bit of confetti! Congratulations Katy & Matt wish you all the best.

63rd Collection

Love this natural moment when beautiful Antonella got kidnapped by the groom and his best men on their wedding day, I think the plan was to throw her into the swimming pool to cool down (it was a scorcher). It was a beautiful day surrounded by lovely people.

61st Collection

Lovely Tracey & Ben got married last month at The House at Shuttleworth, it was a very wet & windy day so we took a moment after they got married to explore the beautiful house where I captured this lovely moment of them together.

59th Collection

I am so happy that lovely Jessica & Rachel’s beautiful wedding at The Compasses at Pattiswick has won a Wedisson award.
This was my first wedding of the year (and century) Jessica & Rachel had a beautiful sunset to finish their day off to make it just perfect.

58th Collection

This shot is from Katy & Matt's beautiful Christmas wedding in central London.
We only had a few moments to pop out at dusk before we lost the light to capture this beautiful moment between Katy & Matt right after they got married, check out Katie's beautiful wedding veil.

57th Collection

Hayley & Lee Chandler loving every minute of their amazing wedding day at the beautiful Longstowe Hall in Cambridge. We had so much fun and literally could not stop these two from jumping around.

53rd Collection

Krystle & her new lovely husband Mike had their beautiful wedding at Upwaltham Barns. This confetti shot was the standard mood of the day, it was smiles and laughs all day long in the beautiful Sussex countryside.
They even had a rainbow!

Congratulations Krystle & Mike wish you so much happiness.

51st Collection

The grooms brother made his bride's wedding dress! Rainbow theme wild flowers and amazing bride & groom!!
I had so much fun with Andrea & Antonio at the very beautiful Swiss Gardens & Shuttleworth House in Biggleswade. This was taken in the Swiss Gardens green house and it looks like Antonio knew this image would win an award!

43rd Collection

A Dr Who themed wedding, and entering your Wedding Breakfast through an actual Tardis!!
Lovely Robyn & Martin pulled a blinder of a wedding day. This is a very special moment with Robyn and her beautiful daughter just before they got married.

43rd Collection

Taken from across the lake at the very lovely Nina and Anthony West's wedding. We took a moment at dusk to enjoy the beautiful grounds at Longstowe Hall.

42nd Collection

Taken at the abandoned medieval ruins at the lovely Godwick Hall and Great Barn. Beautiful Ashleigh & James Izzo had the perfect wedding day in Norfolk last month.

42nd Collection

This was a beautiful moment between Mr & Mrs West, just after the got married. Taken in the stunning ballroom at Longstowe Hall in Cambridge.

42nd Collection

Leila​ & Micheal​ got married at the beautiful Shortmead House​,​ in Biggleswade​.​

This shot was​ taken​ ​in the beautiful cottage in the Shortmead grounds, where Leila​s ​mum ​was ​getting her maid of honour ready for her ​wedding ​day​.

41st Collection

This was the last shot taken of the day when lovely Georgina & Junior got hitched last month at the beautiful Parklands Quendon Hall. We lit up the gardens for a romantic moment to make this picture.

41st Collection

Megan & George’s wedding last month was at the beautiful Red Barn in Norfolk, UK.

This was the very last shot of an the day of the day and one of my favorites. Congratulations Megan & George wishing you lot's of happiness.

39th Collection

It rained so much on Katie & Georges wedding day in Essex last month, but that would not put a dampener on the day or stop these two making the most of it. Last thing in the evening we ventured outside for a romantic shot in the rain! What an amazing couple, wish you lot's of happiness Katie & George.

37th Collection

The lovely Louise & Mark’s beautiful wedding was in East London, at Dalston Heights. It was wedstival inspired wedding that was cool & relaxed, with a London vibe that turned into a big party. They transformed the venue and the focus was all about there guests having a good time. Which they did indeed!.

35th Collection