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As a kid, I already loved to take photos. Since I photographed my sister's wedding in 2009 I knew I wanted to become a professional wedding photographer which I successfully became. In between the wedding, I studied further at the Photo Academy in the Netherlands where I learned to get a documentary style which I still use today. Besides photography, I also film weddings, even at the same time using multiple cameras and drones. As a bonus, my wedding couples can book an additional second shooter who happens to be my girlfriend which makes us a real dream team.

Winning photos

Our first wedding we had in Lapland, Finland, and what a pleasure it was! Besides the great landscapes and the lovely people, the northern light was something special! During the night of the wedding day, we were so lucky the sky turned green again and we had the chance to shoot this amazing picture. Also, full credit to the wedding couple because it was -25 degrees Celsius and we were literally freezing, but somehow they were able to stand there in their wedding outfit. After that, they returned to the wedding party for a great night!

108th Collection

I always love reflections! During our wedding in Lapland, Finland, the bride was getting ready but because of the harsh light, it was difficult to get the right exposure for both inside and outside at the same time. By getting outside the house it was possible to get both into one leading to this lovely morning shot.

108th Collection

We had such a lovely day with this nice couple. The photoshoot at the golf course resulted in a car chase of three golf carts with me in one of the carts filming and my second shooter / girlfriend Karlijn in the other one to take pictures. A great shot and nice memory of good times!

103rd Collection

September 8 is considered the birthday of the Blessed Mother by the Catholic Church. It's celebrated big throughout Sicily with fireworks and traditional walks like these at the Boulevard of Giardini Naxos. By overtaking the crowd while heading towards the restaurant, we were walking in front of the procession. I had to take this photo walking backward holding my camera up high, so I have to give some credit to my girlfriend who's also my second shooter who guided me by my arm so I didn't fall backward.

102nd Collection

Lovely Italian wedding with an amazing couple. We had to climb a bit to get this amazing point of view but it was absolutely worth it!

101st Collection

It was almost freezing during this winter wedding in the Netherlands. Luckily this couple was very nice to work with and we were able to warm up with some hot chocolate in a restaurant after the shoot!

98th Collection

I simply love Italian weddings! The great scenery, summer colours and great atmosphere makes the photoshoot even more joyful. This lovely couple had an amazing Sicilian wedding and made me feel like I was part of their family.

97th Collection

I love to make dynamic photos just walking next to the bride and groom down the streets and catch the spontaneous moments.

97th Collection