• 5 images selected 5 Aletha Buitink Zierikzee (Netherlands) Also serving: Goes (Netherlands) My name is Aletha Buitink and I am a wedding photographer. My goal is to make a wedding reportage that makes you happy, where the love splashes off the picture and brings you back to the moment. My way of photographing is spontaneous and pure. I work with natural light as much as possible and have a preference for warm, dark & rich colors, deep contrasts & black and white. Timeless photos! Not the traditional photos, but by minimally posing, being yourself, especially not too stiff but cozy and relaxed, we make real photos together. Just the way you are. Furthermore, I try to be 'invisible' and in the background as much as possible and capture all beautiful and spontaneous moments. You don't have to pay attention to me, I make sure I'm always around to catch that one moment. Aletha Buitink Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Aletha Buitink (aletha-buitink375). Photo of 05 December