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Edith Van Aken

Roermond (Netherlands)

Hello to all the happy engaged couples.
I am Edith, 34 years old and I live in Holland.
I started shooting weddings 3 years ago, and it's the most beautiful kind of photography there is, because I have to concentrate on a lot of things; portraits, landscapes, groups, food, moments of action, emotions...

When my couples are happy with my work, I am also happy.

If you want to get to know me a bit: here are a few things I love
1. To capture beautiful moments that matter.
2. Traveling .. and I'm always very glad to shoot weddings abroad.
3. Horses, cats..well, actually I love all animals
4. Being artistic
5. Gardening
6. Walking in the forest

If you like my work, just give me a call, and we can find out if we are a bride&groom/photographer match!

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