Murk Feitsma



Almere Stad

🇳🇱 Netherlands

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Amsterdam (Netherlands)

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250$ per hour | 6 hours minimum



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125th place in Netherlands

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1 month

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Are you looking for something a little different? No bland, velvety filters over standard wedding photos. Instead, powerful images with character, emotion, and story!

As a photographer with a background in commercial photography, I see things a little differently. Through a completely different approach, the photos of your day will truly be unique and different.

The most enjoyable aspect of photography is creating an image that tells a story or at least resonates with you. Wedding photography is, of course, a perfect opportunity to capture atmospheric and emotional photos, pulling out all the stops to surprise the bride and groom with unique and atmospheric images.

I am the main photographer of our small team of five photographers and videographers, brimming with experience and creativity!