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Kirstie Garlick Photography

Photographing love in all of its forms. I'm a storytelling wedding photographer telling stories of love and happiness through joyful and colourful imagery. Here for the belly laughs and happy tears, I photograph moments. I'm a lover of telling stories and candid imagery that evokes emotion. I love bright and colourful images and photograph everything in an honest, fun and relaxed style. I'm here for the big moments and the small. It's all about the love and all about the emotion, photographing wedding celebrations for chilled couples who want relaxed, happy, colourful and romantic photos.

Winning photos

During an elopement in Chester, it was a rare moment to see the iconic clock tower empty and so I encouraged the couple to take a few minutes to take a few minutes to snuggle and enjoy the excitement of being just married.

108th Collection

I love the old red phone boots in the city centre of Manchester and I knew it would add a fun pop of colour to the photos.

108th Collection

Becca & Christian's wedding was the most confetti heavy wedding I've ever photographed with 6 sets of confetti throughout the day and it was amazing! This moment was during their entrance at Albert Hall with the biggest confetti canon I've ever seen and this epic moment was the result.

107th Collection

Warm, golden sunsets are my favourite and the moment I saw the creamy golden rays peaking behind this hills, I knew it was magic.

107th Collection

Alice & Caroline wanted a super colourful wedding so when they asked for confetti recommendations I said they had to go for rainbow and to get double the amount they needed... the results speak for themselves!

106th Collection

While exploring Manchester Castlefield for David & Gabriels portraits, I loved the leading lines of the railway framing them having a real moment together.

105th Collection

Pip & James planned to end their wedding with a bang... literally. The fireworks lit up the sky with the most glorious display of golden starbursts; it looked as if the sky revealed the galaxy just for them. It was honestly such an epic display and one I'll remember for a very long time.

102nd Collection