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Bart Boodts Photography

Everybody is beautiful, that's what I want to show in my photography.
People don't need filters, people are wonderful as they are.
My photographic style is a reportage what I see, what I feel...
For my wedding reportages, I'm always open to travel around the world, and willing to discover your wonderful culture.
I hope to meet you soon!

Winning photos

The kids are alright!

105th Collection

Love is Love.

103rd Collection

The Bride is the queen.

102nd Collection

Love is love

101st Collection

The start of a wonderful day

100th Collection

In the busy gallery in the center of the city of Brussels, this lovely wedding couple showed their love.

99th Collection

On a cloudy day, this couple celebrated their love. We used the very beautiful MAS-building of Antwerp for this wonderful image

95th Collection

It was a cold day in winter. The bride had the idea for the children to hold this for the image. The children didn't like it at all.

94th Collection

In the middle of Bangkok, we created this image just standing in the middle of the road.
The busy life went on, while the couple enjoyed their love.

91st Collection