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  • 56 images selected 56 Raïs De Weirdt Gent (Belgium) Also serving: Brussels (Belgium) CAPTURING PRICELESS MOMENTS & MEMORIES Our philosophy is that you matter - in every way possible. What matters the most to you - your children, your family, your wedding is what gets captured by the image and is what will stay behind over the years. Not any photo opportunity will ever be the same, and no moment ever comes back. So over time, we want you to look back at these pictures that matter so much to you, and will have made sure they are the best memory you could possibly get. Raïs De Weirdt
    Wedding photographer Raïs De Weirdt (widloma). Photo of 27 April
  • 6 images selected 6 Wim Vanderstichelen Gent (Belgium) Also serving: Deinze (Belgium) Hi! I'm Wim (or William in English), I was made in 1982 and I'm a professional wedding photographer from Belgium. My homebase is Nazareth, near Ghent. No, not the city in Israel... I'm married to the best and prettiest woman in the universe. Together we have 2 (sometimes adorable) daughters. You can describe my style as 'storytelling'. I don't like to pose my couples, but I have a special eye for the little moments at their big day. Only during the couple session I like to give them some guidelines but for me it's very important to keep it spontanious. When I'm 'working' (I hate that word, it should be 'having fun') at a wedding, I'm always looking for exeptional spots at the location to take an 'award winning worthy' picture. Portretmaker
    from 750$ for 4 hours of work
    Wedding photographer Wim Vanderstichelen (portretmaker). Photo of 13 October
  • 3 images selected 3 Fabienne Naessens Deinze (Belgium) Also serving: Gent (Belgium) BE YOU BE BIENNE Fotografie Bienne
    Wedding photographer Fabienne Naessens (fabienne-naessens203). Photo of 15 March
  • 3 images selected 3 Annelies Gailliaert Brugge (Belgium) Also serving: Gent (Belgium) Annelies, born '89, wife to Koen, mom of Julien ('19) & Maurice ('21) I get so much energy from seeing people in love, happy families, ... crazy kids, fun dogs When it all comes together at a wedding. You get firework. Always eager to capture the fun moments, but not afraid to see other emotions that come at such day (missing loved ones)
    Wedding photographer Annelies Gailliaert (annelies-gailliaert137). Photo of 12 October
  • 3 images selected 3 Joost Van Hoey Gent (Belgium) Also serving: Deinze (Belgium) Hey, my name is Joost. I am not the usual wedding photographer. That's not something I invent, I've heard it many times. Apparently, I am not just about capturing your day as beautifully as possible, I am also part of the party. I get to loosen up the people around me and so I can capture the spontaneity. Gathering memories for tomorrow. JoostVH Photography
    Wedding photographer Joost Van Hoey (joost-van-hoey740). Photo of 06 October
  • 1 images selected 1 Bjorn De CLercq Wetteren (Belgium) Also serving: Gent (Belgium) I love color, contrast ... and smiling faces. Like I used to photograph in the event world, with all those bright spots, colored halls, sometimes dark corners and lots of smiling faces but also sometimes a tear or anger. It continues to haunt me, but positively. Because in this past I also became who I am now. And this I also try to show in your pictures. Not life as it was, but as it is. Vimo Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Bjorn De CLercq (bjorn-de-clercq854). Photo of 05 February
  • David Deman Brugge (Belgium) Also serving: Gent (Belgium) You are getting married soon? Great! Don't leave something to faith and choose a qualified photographer specialized in wedding photography that matches your needs. In this way, you will have a lasting memory to look back at. You can always cherish your wedding and share it with your family and relatives. With me as your photographer spontaneity and authenticity are key. A photojournalistic approach with a focus on real moments. I want to photograph you as you really are and I make sure you are 100% relaxed and can fully enjoy your wedding day. I will keep low profile as much as possible. During the day I am "absent" without having missed anything. Fotografie David Deman
    Wedding photographer David Deman (davdeman). Photo of 01 January
  • William Linthout Aalst (Belgium) Also serving: Gent (Belgium) I am William Linthout and I live in Ternat (Belgium) near our capital Brussels. Photography has fascinated me from an early age and it was my dream to become a professional photographer one day. Weddings are my favorite subject and it gives me great satisfaction to capture those happy couples. Photography, my passion and my profession. I thank everyone for this oportunity. * European Professional Photographer William Linthout fotografie
    Wedding photographer William Linthout (wlfotografie). Photo of 04 January