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Sarah Carter

Peterborough (United Kingdom) Also serving: Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Of all the things I have ever done, writing a bio about myself seems to be the hardest. Where do you start? How far back do you go? I can photograph weddings all day long, tie stray shoelaces, fix buttonholes, tame wild veils, wipe tears and find lost bridesmaids. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Talking about me, not so easy but here goes.
I have always loved photography, that was clear from a young age when I used to take my little yellow super snaps camera everywhere. I was a cool kid.

I live in a little town in Lincolnshire not far from Cambridgeshire and Rutland borders.
I have a husband, a son who is 8, a cat called Lola, dog called George and various stuffed toys that seem to be part of the family now.
I like cake and wine. If there is no cake or wine its fine. I like tea too.

I like to be creative; I like to travel, and I like a good book. I have recently won the wedding business award or East of England. and have 2 photos shortlisted for the British Photography Awards.

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