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Number One Wedding Photographer in 2024


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Jenna Kathleen

I'm slightly animal obsessed - dogs and cats, don't ask me to choose! I own too many house plants and I spend too much time binge watching Netflix TV series. I love colourful stuff, in particular the colour green and my photography will always reflect that! My approach to weddings is super chilled - I go with a fly-on-the-wall approach for most of the day although I prefer the term 'ninja'. Your gallery will be 90% documentary and 10% awesome couple portraits. If that sounds like a good mix then I'd love to hear from you!

Winning photos

Blue hour over their venue. I used the flashes I had set up inside for the dance floor to light up the windows and one behind the couple the light them.

110th Collection

A panorama photo using the brenizer method to stitch multiple shots together. I wanted the couple to have an ethereal photo that shows off the woodland they love so much!

109th Collection

We found the last little bit of evening light for some photos before the party started. I used my longer lens to really bring this out for the couple.

108th Collection

This was the last image of the session taken during blue hour. I saw the colourful flowers on the bushes and knew I had to use them somehow so I used them as a frame to add interest.

107th Collection

One of my favourite confetti moments from last year! Absolutely love capturing joyous moments like this.

106th Collection

I love making use of the hard light from the sun during these pre-wedding photos!

105th Collection

We braved the rain and fog during our couple shoot on Halloween. Well worth it for all the autumn colours!

104th Collection

Loved incorporating the trees into my couples portraits as it reflects their outdoor woodland wedding really well!

103rd Collection

I just loved the leading lines and the fact that they're framed with the sculpture on either side!

101st Collection

It had been raining all day so we waiting until evening for portraits. I really wanted to get the whole castle in shot as they loved their venue so much. The blue sky was a bonus!

100th Collection

There was so much confetti left over after their initial throw that they decided to do another just with the bridal party and it was such a great moment to capture!

98th Collection

This is the couples favourite spot and I wanted them to feel like they were having their own moment walking through the woods so I pulled back and shot from a lower angle.

97th Collection

We didn't quite get the sunset we were hoping for on this shoot, but I still wanted to make the most of the sky, reflecting it so they're almost floating on their own little rock in space!

97th Collection

I used the PhotoPills app to see where the sun would be before it dipped behind the hill and asked my couple to come out for a few quick photos! I love the light in this.

90th Collection

A quick moment in the garden at Middleton's Hotel in York for my couple. They were so laidback, I absolutely loved this wedding!

88th Collection

I wanted to make my couple pop against a dark background but still include the industrial features of the venue so I used the roof to add interest and draw your eye to the couple.

87th Collection

The couple arrived at their reception venue before the other guests so I took the opportunity to get a photo of them together with the stunning view.

86th Collection