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Polly Doherty Photography

If you are looking for a photographer who fit right in with your family then YES thats me! My testimonials from previous clients has always been along this line. We like to be discreet, fun, creative, amiable, informal as well as professional. I do not wish to take over your day and prefer to take a back seat and document your day capturing those candid "slice of life" moments.

Winning photos

Making couples comfortable in front of the camera is my aim, look how relaxed and happy this pair are! Perfect. Taken in Godmanchester, local park, shooting through some purple flowers.

93rd Collection

Little girls love to role play, she was keen to play with all the make up brushes on the windowsill. Simple real moment captured here at Park Farm Weddings, Northampton.

93rd Collection

Taken through some flowers in Katie & Sebs family friends home/ garden. There was limited opportunities to really try something different so I took leaped and advantage of the single colourful patch of flowers, stood legs like a giraffe eating, and shot through, as Katie & Seb naturally relaxed together in amusement. Really pleased, the sun shining on them really helped the bokeh with this. Thanks guys!

90th Collection

Taken at Golden Hour, we had so much fun in this light and this is one of many. Thank you to Lauren & Jordan for helping do this lift so perfectly you smashed it!

89th Collection

A simple shot taken through the Mother of the Brides HAT as she admired her daughters. Loved how it framed the Bride and Bride of honour and created she white whirly bokeh, a bit of variety added to their group photos.

83rd Collection