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Marie Lloyd Photography

Hi Everyone. Marie here! I live on the Cheshire and North Wales border. I love dogs. Weddings are my happy place :) I photograph as much candid as possible on a wedding day. I will photograph some cool portraits and group shots but I like to get the unposed version of these, preferring to photograph you and your friends and family as natural as possible. Check out my website to see my full gallery. Thanks for reading this and have a great day :)

Winning photos

The window was used as a frame to get the bride's silhouette, the dress was fluffed out and the head was in a side profile to maximise the silhouette.

90th Collection

Bride being put down after her photograph of being picked up by some slightly intoxicated friends and bridesmaids! She began to panic that they may frop her!

89th Collection

Bride and Groom taking a stroll in the gorgeous Cheshire countryside with their Tipi reception venue as a backdrop. The colours all work together so well and I love the simplicity of the photograph.

88th Collection

To make a photo next to the neon sign a little more interesting the couple was placed in front of the window and asked to do a twirl and the sun was used to create more interest in the photograph.

86th Collection

Photographed on Welsh mountains using a wide lens. A prism was used to create the reflection by holding it horizontally next to the lens.

85th Collection

Photographed in the golden evening light at a barn wedding. The foliage and flowers were used as a foreground frame and the roof as a lead in line and frame. It was shot at a low angle.

85th Collection

The couple was posed under an umbrella in the dark and lit with a Speedlight from behind pointing up at the umbrella, this, in turn, lit up the rain. The foliage was used as a frame

83rd Collection

Photographed during golden hour using natural light. I chose the location due to its beautiful light and the use of the bridge as leading lines.

79th Collection

Couple looking out over the reservoir, the light is fading and creating a lovely leading line across the water, with the foliage creating a delicate frame for the couple.

77th Collection