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Since childhood I have been in front and behind the camera lens. Back in the days as a model, nowadays as a photographer. There is a magical feeling about bringing out the best out in someone and being able to record that moment. Photography has the power of turning an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan and making someone feel confident who is otherwise shy.

I have been photographing for many years with great pleasure and I specialise in wedding and equine photography. It gives me great joy to record the precious moments in life and making people happy with tangible memories. I believe that the best pictures result from spontaneous moments because that is when you are most beautiful. By creating a relaxed working environment, I bring out the best in my models.

No matter whether we are doing a photoshoot or if I am shooting your wedding, it is my mission to completely unburden you so that you can fully enjoy the moment or your special day.

Winning photos

"A love as radiant as the morning sun, two souls bathed in the golden embrace of a new day."

102nd Collection

"Two hearts illuminated by the warmth of the sun, embarking on a journey together as one."

102nd Collection

The first light

101st Collection

wedding couple on water

100th Collection

Let's get lost in this beautiful place

99th Collection

The reflection makes this photo complete.

98th Collection

Walking next to the old wall in Hardewijk

96th Collection

The church in Zwolle

95th Collection