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Jeroen Savelkouls Fotografie

Dutch wedding photographer, based in Nijmegen. Documenting love worldwide.

Winning photos

Groom prep is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. Usually, the guys are dressed in a matter of minutes, but if you pay attention, it can be as much of a moment rich time as bride prep.

89th Collection

From the very start of this wedding day, I knew I just had to pay attention to these bridesmaids. This is just of one of those sweet litte moments.

83rd Collection

Obviously, this was not the high point of the day for this lovely couple. Just as we were about to do the bridal shoot, their car broke down. But this is what can happen at a wedding and it's a part of their story. As soon as the bride started swinging the hammer, I knew that was a great opportunity to take some unique shots.

74th Collection

Originally, we were going to do a shoot outside, but due to the weather, we were forced to look for an alternative location. Not long before the wedding, I found this old library in my hometown I had never heard of before. Though it's closed to the general public, we got permission from the owner to shoot here for about an hour or so. This was the exact shot I had in mind.

67th Collection