Jeanine Meek




­čç│­čç▒ Netherlands

Minimum price/hours

125$ per hour | 8 hours minimum





6 awards left until the Senior Member

100th place in Netherlands

With us

10 months

Studio Name

Meek it happen photography

How nice to have you here, be welcome! My name is Jeanine Meek, from Meek it happen photography.. it's all in the name! Eternally enthusiastic when it comes to photography and always genuinely interested in someone else. I'm very curious how I can help you and hope you leave a message.

Winning photos

The ceremony of this wedding was very beautiful and full of emotions. The bride's friend and maid of honor give her a big hug and some nice words.

105th Collection

This was a perfect wedding in Normandy with a lovely dress and a perfect couple.

104th Collection

The bride's sister demonstrates how best to apply blush on the cheeks.

100th Collection