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I am a photographer specialising in wedding and studio portraiture. I offer a creative, unique and alternative approach to photography, providing fun, natural and unposed images with an additional creative style, to help make your shoot the best experience you could have!

I am passionate about my work and care about everything I do, whether I am filming a wedding or photographing an engagement shoot, I put 100% into creating images that will capture who you are and create images with lasting memories which you will cherish for years to come!

I work mostly in the Worcestershire, and West Midlands area, however we do travel across the UK, so feel free to contact me if you are outside of the area. You can contact me directly on my website.

Thanks, Aaron.

Winning photos

I took this image at the Forest of Arden in Meriden, West Midlands. This is near the entrance and I wanted to created a nice soft orange silhouette effect. I placed a bare flash on the floor with an orange gel bouncing off the back wall. A simple and effective shot I love to take!

87th Collection

Tewkesbury Abbey is simply one of the best places to get married in Worcestershire UK. It is simply stunning! There were so many shots I took but for me this one represents the abbey and the wedding perfectly. This was the part of the ceremony where the bride and groom go to the top of the abbey and say their prayers at the alter.

87th Collection

I love this shot! The bride was sitting on the floor and her children were finding it difficult to stay still. So, I suggested they sit under her dress. They thought it was very funny and they stayed focused for a few short minutes before running off again!

87th Collection

At Wood Norton Wedding Venue in Worcester UK there is an awesome tree swing which is just perfect for nice photographs of newly married couples. In this phot I went for a more fun photo with the bride and her bridesmaids pushing her eon the swing!

86th Collection

This photo was taken at the beautiful Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire UK. The abbey was packed with family and friends and was one of the busiest weddings I have photographed there. This shot was taken as the newly married couple prepared to walk back down the isle to begin their wedding day celebrations! Such an amazing day!

86th Collection

This image was a first at New Street Station in Birmingham! The couple were married in a venue near the station so we decided to take some shots inside Grand Central. It was such an amazing experience and I will definitely do it again when I get the chance!

84th Collection

I took this shot at the beautiful Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire. It was an engagement shoot for a couple getting married there. I wanted to light the back wall up with a purple/pink colour so to do this I placed a bare flash full power with a gel facing the wall. I then placed a grid on a front flash from the side and lit the couple. The rest was all down to Paul (the groom) to do the lovers lift and to hold Angela (the bride) in position to get the shot! So much fun to take!

83rd Collection

This shot was taken in the hills of Malvern! Such an amazing day! I approached this shot by standing on a small rock that leans out of a hill near the top of the Malvern Hills. It gives the illusion they are on top of a mountain!

82nd Collection

This shot was taken at the Beautiful Forest of Arden in Meriden, Warwickshire. There is a small hill on the golf course where I placed the couple. it was pitch black so to light them up I used a soft box placed to the right of them. I then brought out the sky and the epic clouds in post.

81st Collection

I shot this at a beautiful venue in Gloucestershire called Dumbleton Hall. There is this amazing tree I wanted to use as a silhouette shot. I used a purple get with 2 flash guns on full power. I placed them about 3 metres away from the tree to capture as much of the tree I could and the couple stood about 1 metre in front. ????

79th Collection

This shot was inspired by all the amazing hairspray shots I see taken! I wanted to add some colour so to achieve this the hairdresser placed her hand through her ring light and sprayed the bride for about 3 seconds. I placed a grid flash directly behind the bride on full power and took the shot. I am really pleased how this one turned out!

78th Collection

This wedding image was shot at the beautiful Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire. There is a small hill at the back and this image was taken as the bride and her party were waiting for the groom to arrive! They were so much fun and I enjoyed this wedding so much!

78th Collection

I took this image at the beautiful Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire. Inside the Abbey during sunset is the perfect time to do a shot like this! I placed Abby the bride opposite the window and waited for the sunlight to come in.

76th Collection

I was inspired to create a hair spray shot with a difference. So using the make-up artists ring light I asked her to placed her had through and spray. I love the yellow can and using a light to capture the spray behind the bride was a great way to black out the rest of the room.

75th Collection

I took this shot during a pre wedding shoot at the awesome Forest of Arden in Warwickshire. The couple were up for anything creative and fun, so I took this umbrella and we tried loads of different positions, I like this one the best!

75th Collection