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Hello, I'm Ben and I am a documentary wedding photographer who captures your day in a relaxed, fun and natural way. Adding a pinch of stylish portraits. I mingle happily and discreetly with you and your guests, capturing those awesome moments that unfold on your day.

Winning photos

After such a wet and damp day, the only window of slightly dry weather was in the evening. So I had to put my creative hat on and we took a series of night portraits outside. This was of my favourites under the festoon lights in the courtyard.

108th Collection

With Storm Gerrit outside I needed to put my creative hat on. The ceremony barn was in total darkness in the evening apart from the tree lights. Their colour scheme was with a hint of green, so there was only one thing I was going to do.

105th Collection

Absolutely loved this day, so much fun, love and laughter. I always enjoy a good confetti run and with this one I wanted to stay cropped in on the couple to capture their emotions. I feel it also shows how tight in everyone was. More intimidating the better. LOL!

103rd Collection

I just wanted to capture the beauty of Rowton Castle with the couple. All I shouted was, "Tom! Give you wife a kiss." and boom I came up with this gorgeous image.

101st Collection

As soon as I arrived in the ceremony room earlier in the day I was drawn to the lights. I was thinking how could I use them in a stunning portrait? I went back later in the evening and told the couple I had a little idea in mind. They were very excited to try it out and over the moon with the result.

100th Collection

I absolutely love speeches, it is one of my favourite parts of a Wedding day. I could hear the guests here laughing and all I wanted to do was capture their emotions. The best place to do this for me was behind the bush, preventing me from getting noticed. LOL!

77th Collection

This image was taken at a winter wedding on the edge of a car park. The tree was covered in twinkle lights and I wanted to make it a little bit more creative. So by placing a flash between the couple and the tree, to silhouette them. Then placing a flash behind the tree, with a red gel on and firing it up into it. The end result was something the couple loved.

76th Collection

This was one awesome party. Everyone was hitting the dance floor and I just couldn't resist joining them. I love a great party and it is always a pleasure photographing them.

72nd Collection

The Groom and his Groomsmen having a beer together. I was always looking to be a little bit more creative. Trying to get them all in the shot and all those happy faces. 'Cheers!'

71st Collection

This image was taken a the beautiful Hyde House, situated in Stow On The Wold, in the glorious Cotswolds'. It was a beautiful summer Wedding and this was taken at dusk under 'The Arbour' which looks out over acres of green fields.

70th Collection

This was a beautiful winter Wedding. They had everything, the love, laughter, snow, even that sun light. I couldn't resist taking them out for that sunset. Thank you kindly for letting me be part of your gorgeous day.

37th Collection