Tilly Hooikammer




­čç│­čç▒ Netherlands

Also serving:

Groningen (Netherlands)



6 awards left until the Senior Member

76th place in Netherlands

With us

10 months

Studio Name

Tilly Fotografeert

I am a (super) enthusiastic photographer who loves to photograph people. Responding quickly and alertly is one of my strengths that I often use while photographing. My style is characterized by bright colors and pure photography.

I believe we are the perfect match if you want to see every detail and the full story of the wedding day in your wedding album

Winning photos

Bride and groom meet on the bridge in the park of the Stania State estate. It was a beautiful moment under the trees and above the water.

98th Collection

The bridal couple was unaware of the magical play of the sun and wind with the veil.

96th Collection

5 minutes before this photo was taken, the bridal couple was still running through the woods. Running from the rain. But as is the case in the Netherlands, the sun immediately shone again and the bridal couple climbed onto the truck. Time for this beautiful picture

95th Collection