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Winning photos

A post wedding portrait session of Joan and Bastien on the island of La Palma, Canary Islands. The cooled lava field in the south of the island is a very inspiring lunar setting for a black and white rendering. This is the 6th photo from the same portrait session in La Palma Island to receive an award... it's just crazy!

95th Collection

The children of the bride and groom are a little bored during the religious ceremony in the Cathedral of Laeken, where the kings of Belgium are buried. This moment had to be immortalised!

94th Collection

A post wedding portrait session in the setting sun over the Atlantic Ocean. We are at the southernmost point of the beautiful island of La Palma (La Isla Bonita), Canary Islands, Joan and Bastien are enjoying this sweet moment.

93rd Collection

During the religious ceremony, Claire and Antoine take advantage of a moment of inattention from the assembly to share a kiss. But the photographer was watching at the back of the church.

91st Collection

Cyrielle and Vincent enjoy a quiet moment in front of the Château Bayard, where their guests are waiting to continue the party.

91st Collection

A very festive and explosive church exit for Marie-Laure and Xavier. I had just enough time to throw myself on the floor, one knee on the steps, to capture this joyous moment with the church facade in low angle.

90th Collection

Laura and Adrien enjoy a moment together in the gardens of the Domaine de Béronsart. A couple's portrait session, during the wedding day, should be a moment of pleasure for the newlyweds.

89th Collection

The Laeken Cathedral in Brussels is a magnificent neo-Gothic building, a kind of temple of light. A delight for photographers who love perspective. The wedding of Nathalie and Michael was celebrated here.

89th Collection

During the wedding evening, the guests and the bride and groom come to the photobooth for a photo shoot, more or less serious, hosted by myself. We have a lot of fun! Like here with Roxane and Guillaume.

89th Collection

When Joannie, super bride, waves to the photographer just before entering the church. After years in the business, this is still one of my favourite photos!

88th Collection

Joan and Bastien wanted vivid memories, whatever the weather. In Belgium, it can sometimes rain a lot... Rain is not an excuse not to take wedding photos :-) !

88th Collection

Joan, a young bride, faces the wind and the clouds. On the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, the entire south is made up of recent volcanoes and cooled volcanic lava. The salt pans of Fuencaliente face the Atlantic Ocean, and the wind often blows strongly. An ideal location for a post wedding portrait session.

88th Collection

During the dance, Delphine and Jean-François spend some time alone and enjoy the calm of the Château de Lavaux-Sainte-Anne. This place is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Belgium.

88th Collection

After leaving the church, Mathilde, as a humorous rock'n'roll super bride, lets out a cry of joy and fear ! Her hands on the car window, and the freshly placed wedding ring, call for the wide angle. I love this scene full of life and humour.

87th Collection

We are at the southernmost point of the island of La Palma. The sun is about to set and the wind is blowing hard. The cooled lava, the sea and the clouds provide a symbolic backdrop for our newlyweds.

87th Collection

Sun, clouds, smiles, happy newlyweds, backlighting, black and white, ultra wide angle... All I love :-) !
Thank you Orianne and Anthony, I loved your wedding. This Award is for both of you!!

86th Collection

A few minute before the ceremony, Vaïssa is waiting for her love. Light in the window is wonderful. I think about Holland painters.

85th Collection

It was a windy day on the southernmost part of the island of La Palma (Canarias). The sun was setting, and our newlyweds were dancing their love away in the salt pans of (Salinas de) Fuencaliente. An ideal setting for an After Wedding session.

85th Collection

A few months before their wedding, Vaïssa and Benoit met in an old factory for an engagement session. It was a very cold and bright winter day. The condensation of their breath, in the light of the window well, was like a wild smoke.

84th Collection