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I'm Oli, a South Manchester based wedding photographer who absolutely loves what I do!! Imagine being able to make your passion into a career and absolutly loving what you do on a daily basis!! I know right... who knew it was possible?!! So in my spare time you will normally find me listening to possible the most varied collection of music you have ever come across (I'm talking Oasis, Hurts, Prodigy, Bicep, Michael Bolton, Chase & Status, Linkin Park, Michael Jackson, Simply Red) watching a classic 90s action film or finding a hill with an incredible view to walk up.
I don't really take myself too serious and i'm always up for having a laugh (love comedy shows). I love my couples to put their trust in me to create some amazing images on their wedding day. My approach is creative, relaxed & natural! The majority of the day I capture naturally and just ask for a small portion of the day to get creative and make some fantastic portraits.

Winning photos

Looking at the portraits from a different angle means we can create something out of the ordinary and also adds to the natural feel of my wedding photography.

95th Collection

Being a wedding photographer in the UK often means that you have to be prepared for rain! Rain however does not mean that the wedding is ruined or that the pictures will turn out bad... Rain means we think outside the box and get creative!

91st Collection

Lets go on an adventure!! Spring is always an incredible time to get married while all the flowers and gardens are in full bloom! Chloe & Andy being the adventurous type were ready to go and explore and make the most of their wedding day/pictures come rain or shine!! Their Unimog on standby waiting for them we went to explore the surrounding gardens!

90th Collection

Brave the cold winter nights and put all of your trust in your wedding photographer and the results will speak for themselves! This image was taken at Mottram Hall in Cheshire using 3 Godex Ad200s to light the couple while they were absolutely loving life with the bottles of champagne!

80th Collection

Low winter light streaming through the windows of the gorgeous Monastery in Manchester . . Throw a bride into that light and the results speak for themselves! I absolutely love playing with pockets of natural light or creating my own using flash to get creative with my images!

79th Collection