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150$ for 6 hours of work



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51st place in Netherlands

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6 months

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My name is Kyra and I am an enthusiastic, creative and spontanius photographer from the Netherlands. I love the capture stories and valuable memories trough my lens. My mission is to make a lot of people happy with an amazing photo gallery of their important memories! I love seeing all those beautiful connections and to create memories with the people I photograph!
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Winning photos

I felt such an amazing vibe with this family of 36 people! At the end of the shoot I had an idea to do something crazy. Then this moment happend. I clicked one time and I GOT THE SHOT! I was so happy and started jumping. Next thing I know was 36 people running towards me, to see the photo...

95th Collection

This bride was so nervous for her big day! But she was looking sooo good!! I captured this getting ready moment with her mom. It took so long but every minute well spent.

94th Collection

This photo is taken on the weddingday of E & A. The bride is such an enthusiastic young woman. She would do anything for the perfect groupfoto with her friendgroup. This photo is taken a little moment before she was thrown high in to the air. She had no fear at all! Fearless bride!

92nd Collection