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I'm Ilona van Ingen from IvI Fotografie. Besides my fulltime job as a social worker in Enschede, I started photographing as it is my passion. I enjoy being able to capture pure emotions and see that as a challenge. I am a perfectionist and have an eye for detail. You can't describe it exactly, but an image says more than a 1000 words and that's priceless".

Winning photos

It's so nice to stop for a moment during the photo moment and enjoy together. Just a walk through a forest and then this as a result.

95th Collection

Emotions are the best thing to capture. A smile and a tear, that's what it's all about. These are pure emotions that can be seen.

92nd Collection

At the end of this wedding, the bridal couple went through a hedge of stars. The cool thing is that this bridal couple shines themselves.

92nd Collection

In the beautiful Italian region of Piemonte, this Dutch couple was allowed to drive an Alfa Romeo from an Italian.
How cool is that! It was a wedding through the company The Italian Wedding.

91st Collection

In beautiful Northern Italy, we were allowed to capture this beautiful newlyweds. Take a break during the photo opportunity in this beautiful place. A wedding we received through The Italian Wedding.

90th Collection

The most important thing during the photo shoot is to enjoy yourself. In Italy, away from the people, being together for a while.

83rd Collection

Your wedding in Italy. Your dream came true. You lived up to it! It’s time to get married and you seal this with a kiss. From now on you’re going married through life.

82nd Collection

Making this great picture with the window reflection of the car of the old wedding car of the Queen of the Netherlands. This was an amazing scene and we loved taking pictures with this couple.

73rd Collection

We love black and white photos.

On the way to the photoshoot we stopped to take this beautiful photo. what did we laugh! The question was whether they would fit through the roof.

72nd Collection

Near a sand extraction place in Markelo. This amazing couple found an amazing place to take pictures. And look at this car! Really an great picture.

71st Collection

One of the important things during a wedding is that the bridal couple can enjoy themselves during a photoshoot. In this, I went under the bride's veil as a photographer. We all laughed so hard that moment, I was happy to see the couple was enjoying the moment. They are such a lovely couple!

70th Collection

Raining men! Friends and family are always there to catch you when you fall. We shot this picture on a cloudy day in the east of the Netherlands. The only thing that falls down the sky that day was the groom. It's good you can always rely on your family and friends. For us, this is a symbolic picture!

67th Collection

At the Landgoed de Uitkijk in The Netherlands, we were allowed to take this silhouette photo of Meike and Martijn. We saw these beautiful paintings and took the bridal couple with us to take this picture. At the left of the picture is Willem, Prince of Oranje, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg, better known as Willem of Oranje.

65th Collection

A fellow photographer from Norway was unable to record this wedding because of Corona and we had the honor to take over from here. Putting on the rings remains something special. The wedding ring symbolizes eternal connection. Which makes it worthwhile for us to capture the photo of the ring in a different way!

64th Collection

At the moment the photo was taken, father and his daughter were ready to accompany her to her future husband and so that he can give her away. The moment they were ready, She got emotional and tear up, which is accompanied by a beautiful smile by her father. In our opinion, that look from the father to his daughter is worth gold.

62nd Collection

Having fun and joy during the shoot is important! This makes the whole experience more relaxed, as the picture clearly reflects. I had the privilege to shoot the wedding of this cool, future Mr & Mrs...From the cornfield, I had the perfect spot to capture the moment. This picture is a memory of a fun time and the beginning of their wedding!

59th Collection