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150$ per hour | 6 hours minimum


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24 awards left until the Master of Photography

9th place in Netherlands

50th place in France

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Mensen blij maken, dát is mijn ultieme doel en reden nummer 1 waarom ik trouwfotograaf ben geworden. Hoe ik dat doe? Kwaliteit leveren, een fijne service verlenen en jullie verrassen met gave, lieve, grappige, intense en bovenal mooie trouwfoto’s.

Ik hecht veel waarde aan een fijne samenwerking en bied mijn hulp aan waar jullie het nodig hebben. Mijn service als trouwfotograaf is niet beperkt tot jullie trouwdag, maar zullen jullie altijd merken. Van het eerste contact tot aan de dag dat jullie me zat zijn!

Winning photos

There are not a lot of big trees where I live. This is the only one I know in Schiedam. Lit up the tree with an AD200PRO and the couple made a nice silhouette in front of the flash. Turned out great!

79th Collection

Great clouds in the sky and this hill made a perfect opportunity for some nice silhouettes! This couple walked on the hill and I waited for them to be between some high grass.

78th Collection

I just love the lines of this bridge. Especially in black and white! This was one of the last shots before the couple walked back and took the elevator.

77th Collection

Get your motor runninggggggg…
Start with your own fairytale…
Lookin for adventureeeeee…
And woman please don’t loose the veil!

76th Collection

When I exposed for the background to get more details in the sky I noticed the beautiful silhouette of the statue and the couple.

76th Collection

We took some photos at the top of this statue. We were done, but as they walked down the stairs I saw the beautiful clouds and the couple was walking in sync. It came together with the flowers in front!

75th Collection

While we were traveling to the bridge for the photoshoot this lovely couple walked to the elevator. I was walking behind them and thought the lines and lighting were very nice here too. Then the groom picked up the train of the dress from the floor and that was just perfect!

74th Collection

It's always a big moment when the bride and groom meet their wedding guests for the first time. This time their son took over the arrival on the wedding location. He owned this moment like a boss!

73rd Collection

Eight years ago the Nelson Mandela bridge in Zoetermeer was ‘awarded’ the Ugliest place in the Netherlands by the viewers of a tv show. Well, thanks to this beautiful couple, I disagree!

72nd Collection