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I love color, contrast ... and smiling faces. Like I used to photograph in the event world, with all those bright spots, colored halls, sometimes dark corners and lots of smiling faces but also sometimes a tear or anger. It continues to haunt me, but positively.
Because in this past I also became who I am now.
And this I also try to show in your pictures. Not life as it was, but as it is.

Winning photos

The bride waiting upstairs. Almost ready to come down en meet her husband.
The light in the room was perfect at this moment.

107th Collection

Nothing better than a couple, location and a nice original view van in my hometown.

106th Collection

Next to party venue was a very nice place with a big lawn en trees.

The light was perfect in front of the lawn. The couple was dancing, kissing and having fun... 5 minutes later it started raining.

106th Collection

It was a very raining day. A few moments before this shot the rain started to fall out of the sky. We were running to the car, me in backward position to get this shot :)

102nd Collection

This photo from Delia & Maxim was taken in a cool private garden at Ghent.
They had a great time during the shoot. Love was everywhere

96th Collection

Stairway to heaven? No it was more like "Stairway to happiness".
They were over the moon. Great time with this lovely couple.

96th Collection

In their backyard we had field full of fruit trees. The perfect location for some long distance shots in black & white. The contrast of trees, sky and the couple connection make this one of my favorite black & white pictures.

95th Collection

2022 was a busy and great year. With Rani & Evelynn from Belgium i had my first same-sex wedding and i was very happy with them. They were so spontaneous and relaxed all day. In the meadows from Ghent we found this wall. Inside the wall the light was perfect together with the steelen structure. Suddenly i was able to capture a funny moment from this great couple. I am already fully looking forward to the new wedding season!

94th Collection