Wedding photographers in Brussels

  • 56 images selected 56 Raïs De Weirdt Gent (Belgium) Also serving: Brussels (Belgium) CAPTURING PRICELESS MOMENTS & MEMORIES Our philosophy is that you matter - in every way possible. What matters the most to you - your children, your family, your wedding is what gets captured by the image and is what will stay behind over the years. Not any photo opportunity will ever be the same, and no moment ever comes back. So over time, we want you to look back at these pictures that matter so much to you, and will have made sure they are the best memory you could possibly get. Raïs De Weirdt
    Wedding photographer Raïs De Weirdt (widloma). Photo of 27 April
  • 2 images selected 2 Bart Boodts Antwerpen (Belgium) Also serving: Brussels (Belgium) Everybody is beautiful, that's what I want to show in my photography. People don't need filters, people are wonderful as they are. My photographic style is a reportage what I see, what I feel... For my wedding reportages, I'm always open to travel around the world, and willing to discover your wonderful culture. I hope to meet you soon! Bart Boodts Photography
    Wedding photographer Bart Boodts (bartboodts). Photo of 08 October
  • 20 images selected 20 Arjan Barendregt Rotterdam (Netherlands) Also serving: Brussels (Belgium) Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. And serving all over the world. Once I saw following quote; "I am not a wedding photographer, but I am photographer who is capturing weddings." And I really agree this... Capturing a wedding couple and their guests just the way they are and their whole day as it is, that's want I want to do! Telling their lovestory in my own words. Arjan Barendregt Fotografie
    Wedding photographer Arjan  Barendregt (abarendregt). Photo of 22 August