Maartje Goldsmits-Timmermans

Roermond (Netherlands)


How cool that you are taking a look at my portfolio. I am Maartje, a passionate and creative photographer from the Netherlands. I love to photograph people, especially the bond and love between people. I love great locations, vast fields, beautiful beaches and forests. I love playing with the light, the sun is my greatest friend. You also regularly find me in my photo studio where I love to work out creative processes, but I also like to do this outside in the wilderness or in a beautiful area.

You can book me for weddings, love shoots and portraits at home and abroad. I like to color outside the lines in the creative process and especially want to stop time for a while, catch the perfect moment but above all; forever capture your love and most precious moments in the most beautiful memory.

I would love to schedule a free introductory meeting with you and chat about taking you’re pictures! Of course this can be done online.

I hope to see you soon!


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