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Sometimes my images are full of humor, sometimes full of emotion. As a documentary style wedding photographer, I capture moments as they are. Without frills but pure, real and unique. I will let you be truly you on your wedding day. Photos make adventures tangible and memories lasting. They tell a complete story without words. I can't wait to capture yours!

Winning photos

This photo is from a fantastic wedding in the place where I grew up and where my heart still lies, Bergen op Zoom. The energy of this group of friends had been popping all day long. Just before the party started, the bride threw back her bouquet. This immense jump by the bride's friend was followed by a shot of flügel for everyone before the party continued until the late hours at SAUS eten en drinken!

106th Collection

Mariëlle & Danny kicked off their fantastic day at Landgoed de Olmenhorst with a bottle of champagne. The bottle was just as enthusiastic as they were! No wedding dress was harmed in the making of this photo.

106th Collection