Judith Litjens




🇳🇱 Netherlands

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150$ for 0 hours of work



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47th place in Netherlands

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1 year

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The color pink photography


Ik ben Judith en al vele jaren actief als trouwfotograaf. Voor mij staan jezelf zijn, ontspanning en plezier, voorop. Omdat ik denk dat je dan het mooiste op de foto staat.
Ik hou van de lach en de traan op een bruiloft en leg deze graag vast.
In een ongedwongen sfeer, waar ik weinig in scene zet en jullie dag zo vast leg zoals hij ook echt was.
Ik maak een van jullie mooiste dagen ven jullie leven een blijvende herinnering.

Winning photos

There are beautiful ponds in the beautiful castle gardens of Arcen. At this pond the fog rolled up very nicely over the grass. Of course I like to use this.

101st Collection

Be a princess for a day. That was the bride's dream. All these dreams came true in this beautiful castle Dussen. The whole day was a fairy tale, with horses and a carriage.

101st Collection

Sometimes there are a lot of group shots. Then I always try to keep it fun and enjoyable. This group of friends went full for that one glass of beer. I was covered in beer, but how we laughed.

99th Collection

I love it when a bridal couple wants nice happy photos. A bright blue sky, a few helium balloons and high jumps make this photo.

98th Collection

After taking the pictures, we walked back to the car. We had already seen the fair, so we decided to go on the merry-go-round for a while. What a fun .

95th Collection

Just before I go home, I went into the woods with the bridal couple. It was already getting dark, but that determined the atmosphere of this photo

92nd Collection