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The sun was just falling so beautifully at this October wedding that I just asked the couple to walk and talk and used the sun to fill one part of the frame.

105th Collection

October sun at it's best.

104th Collection

This couple really wanted a photo on this bridge and because I am a sucker for symmetry I lined them up dead center and used the bars for the steps to create some depth of field.

103rd Collection

This couple were asking how to get the best confetti shot so I pointed them in the direction of my fav biodegradable confetti supplier, and told them to enjoy themselves as they walked down. Then this magic was created.

103rd Collection

This was one of those moments where I used one of my silly prompts, it just worked perfectly to create a natural smiley moment between the couple. The framing was accidental but I loved how their moment was just in one corner of the shot.

102nd Collection

It was all about the symmetry of the balloons for this image and then everything else like the ripple reflection in the water, the water fountains and slightly moody sky just made it even more extra. We were so lucky to have a moment when no hotel guests were out by this area as well.

101st Collection

This photo will forever make me smile, the lady in the middle saw the bride was about to throw the bouquet and sprinted from the other side of the field jumping over straw bails to put herself in the centre and push everyone else back ready to catch the bouquet.

99th Collection

The bride specifically requested this shot and I wanted to do it in a slightly different way than I had seen before, using the wedding party to create leading lines towards the couple. I made sure the wedding party were alternated in terms of bridesmaid and groomsmen so the colour blur would really highlight the wedding party’s colours.

98th Collection